Thursday, February 5, 2009

Honey, I'm home!

I've only been away for 4 days, but it seems longer. I left town on Sunday, immediately following church. I was asked to help lead worship for the winter bible study series at FBC Osceola. What a treat! It was Sunday-Wednesday evening. This year, the topic was Relationships by Design. What a great topic. We're all in relationships...whether it be our relationship with God, our spouse, family, friends...and if we're honest, we would have to admit that all of our relationships could use improvement in one area or another. It was great fun helping with the worship and getting to do something that I love, which is praise my Lord and Savior through song!

This is a picture of me and Cary before worship started. My S-I-L was nice enough to take pics the last night, but my camera battery died after the first all I have is a picture of my rear end. Just for the record, I don't sing with my back to the crowd.

I feel like there is so much to write about, since I've been gone. I'm looking forward to catching up on all of my blog reading as well. I was able to answer a few emails and read a few blogs, last night, but didn't have time to comment on them. Know that I will be reading and commenting soon.

I drove back home, yesterday morning, for the funeral of a dear family friend. It was an emotional day. I also had my first acupuncture appointment, before driving back to Osceola, last night. Acupuncture is the oddest thing I have experienced, so far, in my fertility treatments. As of right now...I'm not a fan. Maybe I was just nervous and extremely tired from the day, but I've had a terrible headache since I left her office, yesterday. She said, most people fall asleep while they lay there with needles all over their body. Unfortunately, I was not one of those people. I was very aware of the needles from the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet. She did this odd thing with herbs...she rolled them up, set them on fire, put them in a little box and then sat the box on top of my stomach. It's supposed to increase bloodflow. She said at one point, 'if you cough, hold onto that box, there are hot herbs in there.' I thought to myself, 'no kidding, Einstein...they're burning my stomach!' She also gave me herbs in the form of a pill to take. I'm supposed to take 15 pills a day until retrieval day. And then we have the issue of the price of acupuncture. My first visit was around $150 and every visit afterwards will be $75 each. She wants me to come in 2-3 times a week until my transfer. Insurance doesn't pay for acupuncture, so I'm not sure that I can swing 2-3 times a week. For those of you who did acupuncture with your IVF/IUI...did you go this many times a week? I want to be open to this and I read many letters hanging in her office from women that are now pregnant (most with twins) after having acupuncture. If you have had or are having acupuncture...I would love to hear what you have to say. Maybe I will feel better about it, after tomorrow's appointment.

I am so happy to be home! Though I was with family all week, it was hard being away from Alex. I missed him terribly. Since I drove in yesterday for the funeral and my appointment, I did get to run by his work for 2 minutes and steal a kiss. That helped to get me through the last day. :) I love you, babe!

Going to say goodbye for now...time for me to take my afternoon herbs and a few tylenol for this headache. Sorry if this post is a little scattered...I'm in need of a nap. :)

Love to all,


Mel said...

Sounds like you've had a busy few days! Happy to have you back, of course. ;)
As for the acupuncture, I have zero advice. I've known several people who absolutel swear by it, but I always felt like I'd react the same way as you did. Needles = relaxing just doesn't made sense in my head. The cost, oh my! I would have imagine one time a week would be enough, but then again, I'm not any expert at all. I do have a sill question about it, though. Do you feel God's presence with you when you're there?


Jenna said...

Girl you have been busy. Glad you are back!!!

Praying for you, my dear!

High Maintenance Mama said...

ooooooooh girl!!!! 15 pills a day ... I would never survive that!! Plus the needle thing... ummm I'm gonna say no... Love you!

Jen and Jared said...

Glad you are back... I've been missing your blog! :) Hopefully we'll see you soon!

Oh, and good luck with the acupuncture - I have told you how it freaks me out to think about needles sticking in my body. I think you are so brave! And 15 pills a day, YIKES! Maybe one day there will be a letter from you on that wall!

Love, Jen

Heather said...

Hey Jill- You have been missed in blog land! I haven't tried acupuncture, but have thought about it for my migraines. Although it sounds like it did NOT help your head. I am praying it works for the IVF, though! Hang in there! I am praying for you!

Leighann said...

Wow, acupuncture. I am WAY out of the infertility loop!! We've come a long way in 18 years. I have never heard of it! But I can relate to the expense...and the not knowing if it will do any good anyway. How does this work???

Still praying. I know that works!

Hang in there.

The Patterson's said...

Hey! I haven't done acupuncture so no advice there. My doctor said I could do it but we didn't discuss the timeline. So, when I asked my nurse practitioner, she felt that massage would have the same effect. I believe this is based on the fact that there is no solid research on accupuncture. She did mention that if I was to do acupuncture that it would need to be done multiple times. I was a little nervous, so I went the massage route! :-)

Leslie Laine said...

I went twice a week for about a month leading up to my stims. I don't know, I liked acupuncture a lot once I gave it a chance - it took me awhile, though. It cost about the same as what you're saying, but I didn't take any herbs or anything. Is this acupuncturist certified in Oriental Medicine?

I would hang with it since you've already started. I opted not to do it this time around because it just felt like so many appointments and I started getting tired from that. I will say that it became more beneficial for me after I hung with it for awhile.

Keep me posted on how it's going!

Monte and Missy said...

I don't think I'd be too thrilled with acupuncture myself...not a big fan of needles! We'll be praying that the Father gives you peace and clear direction about this one for sure!
Love - Missy

Rathi said...

Glad you are back and hope you have a great weekend! Praying for you guys!!

Joannah said...

When I did acupuncture last summer, I was supposed to take herbs three times a day. I had a lot of digestive problems while I was taking those herbs. That doctor just put in a few needles and then left me on the table for about 20 minutes. His sessions were $55, and I went 2-3 times a week.

The doctor I'm seeing now has me come in once a week. She does not prescribe herbs or tea. She puts in more needles than the last doctor did, and she comes back in the room about half way through and touches them. Yesterday, she put on some little electronic stimulators on my belly, too. She charges $100 per session.

I have never heard of the burning herbs thing.

I do think the whole point of fertility acupuncture is to increase the blood flow. A blogger friend of mine had to drink ginger tea three times a day as part of her acupuncture routine. I've tried it, and it's good, but I'm not doing it now. She has a beautiful baby, so maybe there's something to it...

You have been so busy! I'm sure you're happy to be home.

Joannah said...

P.S. There is research that indicates that acupuncture increases IVF success rates. I think it can only help, not hurt!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jill,
Glad you are back..I miss reading your blog..i say stay witht the acupuncture, it'll make for some good stories :)

Faith said...

Hey girl, I've been missing you! So glad to hear that your week has gone well. I wish I could see/hear you leading in worship!

The acupuncture sounds like quite an adventure! I have not tried it, but I do know someone who did on her fourth ivf and got pregnant with TRIPLETS!!!

I'm praying so hard for you! Love ya girl!

Glitter and Bliss said...

Hey!!! So nice to have you back. I'm glad you had a great time with the family, but isn't home the absolute most wonderful place?

sara said...

Been keeping you in my prayers a lot lately. I'm glad you had a good trip and safe one. I'm sorry about the headache - hope that goes away soon! Sorry I don't have better advice on the acupuncture - I haven't done it personally. But hopefully someone else can chime in :-) ((hugs))

Hilary said...

Wow I am not a fan of needles but it would be worth a try..I hope your headache went away too!!!Still praying for that sweet baby..he or she will come I can feel it...glad you made it back safely too..Hang in there!! Everything will happen :)

Jim and April said...

so glad your back and so glad you had a good time!

G & H said...

new to your blog please come check out and follow mine as well :)

acupuncture i just started that and when i told him IUI this month he said i needed to come 2-3 times a week....i said uh yeah no can do there so i go as much as i can he of course says well the best thing is 3 times but hello were already broke as it is and acupuncture is a luxury !

goood luck cant wait to follow your journey! blessings!