Friday, January 30, 2009

I've been counting down the days...

Head on over to the Shabby Nest. You can click on the button on my sidebar and it will take you there. She's celebrating the grand opening of her etsy store by giving away one of her sweet necklaces! Head on over and sign up and don't forget to check out her etsy site, as well. She has some really cute things!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

87th Birthday!

My Grandma Weaver is celebrating her 87th Birthday, today. I can only hope & pray that I look this good at 87. :) This woman birthed 8 children into this world (reason enough to be my hero) and prayed for each of them to come to know the Lord. She has lived to see that happen and SO MUCH MORE. I have fun memories of visiting her and Papa, when I was young. It was a place to play with LOTS of cousins and to always get some of Grandma's yummy creamed corn and dill pickles! She would always go straight to the kitchen and fix us something to eat. It didn't matter if you had just eaten before you arrived, you were eating again. I never complained, because the woman can cook! Homemade creamed corn and dill pickles were always on the menu and I hope to receive the secret recipes for both, someday. *hint-hint, if any of my aunts are reading this* :)

I hope that you have a wonderful day, Grandma. You mean so much to so many.

I love you!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update on next IVF...

For some reason, I haven't been in the mood to post about IVF stuff. Many have emailed and asked what's going on, so I thought I should probably update. We have received our packet from the clinic, that tells us how much this cycle is going to cost. I have talked to the mail order pharmacy and they have told me how much my meds are going to cost. We have received paperwork from the clinic to sign (again). I didn't realize that we have to sign all of that paperwork, before each cycle. It's like the paperwork you initial and sign before buying a home...there's A LOT. I haven't received my calendar to tell me when I should actually start my injections. I assume it's going to be soon, since they have called it in to the pharmacy. I'm feeling a tad bit overwhelmed. I'm excited that we're starting a fresh cycle, but dreading it as well. So far, our portion for this cycle is over $5600.00. Seriously? I had forgotten how much money goes into a fresh cycle. A frozen cycle is less of a hit on your pocketbook AND your hormones. It was easy-breezy. My doctor told me to stop taking my meds that help with the Lupron Depot side effects, so I've been fighting the urge to just stay in bed over the past week. Not a great way to go into this next cycle. I'm ready for that medication to be out of my's not my favorite. I should be starting acupuncture, as soon as next week. The pharmacy went over all of my meds and I'm on different injections this time. I'm on a total of 4-5 least that's what they told me. My tummy and backside are going to be black and blue, before this is all over.

I would like to say, that I believe this next round is going to give us our miracle baby. After going through two failed cycles, it may be naive of me, but I believe it with all of my heart. If in the end it's not...yes, my heart will be broken, but God will be there to pick up the pieces. Just thinking of that is an instant comfort to me.

As I was reminded, last night...when the time came for God to save the children of Israel, the Bible says, "He remembered them". When the time came for God to give Hannah the baby she had prayed for (for so very long), the Bible says, "He remembered her". We serve a God that doesn't forget! I have no doubt that when the time is right...God is going to remember Alex and Jill Averitt. He's going to remember the MANY prayers that have gone up by us and on our behalf and He's going to bless us with the most beautiful baby that we've ever laid eyes on. I get excited, just thinking about it! I also start crying, just thinking about it. I serve a God that loves me. He is faithful and true and He never forgets!

Please keep us in your prayers. The meds are very hard on me and in turn, I tend to be hard on my precious and very patient, husband. It's truly the only reason that I'm dreading the cycle.

Love to all,

Monday, January 26, 2009

6th Picture...

I was tagged by my S-I-L, Jen. I'm supposed to post the 6th picture in my 6th folder. This was mine...

This is me and my sweet M-I-L (at Hogs Breath/Destin) on the Averitt vacation, August 2008. It was a fun time had by all. I hate that Alex wasn't able to be there with us, but I have wonderful in-laws and they treated me like a princess the entire week!

If you feel like sharing your 6th picture, consider yourself tagged!

Love to all,

Friday, January 23, 2009

A word from my Daddy...

My Daddy is the pastor at FBC Osceola. Shout out to all of the FBC members that read my blog! I love my Dad's church...they have shown my parents such love and support from day one. Each week, their church puts out a mailing called FBC Highlights. Daddy always writes something to his members in this mail out, it's called "The Pastor's Heart". I asked to be put on the mailing list, because I love seeing what's going on in my parents church. I served in ministry with my parents for MANY years and receiving FBC Highlights keeps me up-to-date on what's going on with them and their church. It also gives a prayer list and allows me to pray for them and their people specifically. I always enjoy reading what's on my Daddy's heart for himself and his congregation. This week, it just happened to be something that I needed as well. I definitely feel like it's worth sharing.

"What did you put on this morning?"

This week, my attention was grabbed by this passage I know by heart - but because it was a different version - something about it jumped out at me. You know those moments when you read something you've read a million times and you think, "I've never noticed that before!"

The passage I'm referring to is Colossians 3, verse 12: "Since God chose you to be the holy people whom He loves, you must clothe yourself with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience." It continues in 13-25, with more virtues, but it made me stop and really think. What did I put on this morning? What have I been wearing this week, or this month, or the past year?

This is another one of those imperative passages - a command - which means, I have a choice, to obey or disobey.

How does one "clothe" oneself in mercy, or kindness, or any of these wonderful virtues? Can I, after showering and shaving, go to my closet and simply put them on? You may be saying - Bro Jay has lost it now!

You have figured it out. We must clothe our inner selves, that part no one can see - our hearts and minds by saturating them in the Word of God and choosing to be obedient; by being filled with the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to change us from within. It can only happen as we spend time alone with our Lord and Father studying to show ourselves approved and allowing Him to integrate His Word through and through.

What did you put on this morning? Since God chose you (and me) to be the holy people whom He loves, we MUST clothe ourselves with mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience - just for a start...go to Colossians 3:12-25 for the entire list.

-Bro Jay

Of all days, I needed this, today. Thanks, Daddy.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Made my day!

I haven't been feeling well, since Sunday. Before worship, I stated, "if I run off the stage, it's because I'm going to throw up and I don't want that on video!" Thankfully, I made it through the service, but I've been fighting whatever this is for a few days. I woke up this morning without a voice. Of course, the first thing I do is freak out and call Alex and try to tell him that I can't talk. This didn't work very well....since I CAN'T TALK. He finally suggested that we email, so that he can tell what I'm saying. He's a genius. :) I was bummed because I had to cancel home group for this was our turn to host. Needless to say, today didn't start out a fun day.

Then I received a knock on my door. I went to the door and there was a package on the doorstep. I was thinking it was something that I ordered off eBay (can't wait to show you guys that purchase!) but then I opened it and realized it was from my friend, Shannon! She sent me a thank you sweet is that!? I just had to show you these lovely things!

I LOVE this framed "A" picture...

It has already found a place front and center on a table of B&W photos. :)

She sent me a red dish towel (I'm constantly buying dish towels) and I've placed it as an accent behind one of my Valentine towels.

She also sent me this personalized smells so good, but it's almost too pretty to use!

Thank you, Shannon! You are such a sweetheart. If you're ever in The Rock, call me...we would make great shopping buddies! :)

You made my day!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Home Alone...

Today, has been such a lazy day. I could have done a little house work but I decided against it. I decided to celebrate MLK Day, like everyone else. :)

Alex is in Tulsa on business, so I'm home alone this evening. **Boogie man, if you're reading this, don't come to my house...because even though my husband isn't home, I have this guy to protect me.** He's very protective of his Mommy when Daddy is away.

I'm about to go get takeout...still trying to decide what I want for dinner. Then I'm coming home to read magazines and watch Jon & Kate + 8. Exciting evening, no? :)

I hope you all have a wonderful 4-day work week!

Love to all,

Cameron's Amazing Book Club...

Today, marks the 3 year anniversary of when Cameron Averitt Bobbitt went to be with Jesus. She was 5 years old. Our family gathered, yesterday, to celebrate Cameron's life. There is no doubt that Cameron is missed by her family and friends. Her mother was sharing with us, that she still thinks about her baby girl, every single day. Her grandfather spoke on the subject of HOPE. As he was speaking, the following song came to mind. Let us not forget, that as Christians, we can BELIEVE WITH HOPE that we will see Cameron again...face to face!

With Hope

Steven Curtis Chapman

This is not at all
How we thought it was supposed to be
We had so many plans for you
We had so many dreams
But now you've gone away

And left us with the memories of your smile
And nothing we can say
And nothing we can do
Can Take away the pain
The pain of losing you

And we will cry with hope
We can say good-bye with hope
'Cause we know our good-bye is not the end
And we will grieve with hope
'Cause we believe with hope
There's a place where we'll see your face again
We'll see your face again

And never have I known
Anything so hard to understand
And never have I questioned more
The wisdom of God's plan
But through the cloud of tears
I see the Father smile and say ' well done.'
And I imagine you
Where you wanted most to be
Seeing all your dreams come true
'Cause now your home
And now your free

In December 2006, family & friends started a book club in Cameron's honor. It was inspired by her grandmother, who is a reading specialist. The neat thing about the book club is that Cameron's parents (Susan & Derrick) personally distribute all donated books to schools, hospitals, libraries, medical clinics, shelters, etc. It's their hope that in receiving these books, children will share in the legacy of the joy of reading the way that Cameron did.

We're sure Cameron is smiling down, each time a child receives a book. :)

So today, in honor of Cameron, we will mail some of our favorite books to Susan & Derrick. Feel free to join us. You can find more info HERE.

Love to all,
Alex & Jill

Saturday, January 17, 2009

God is answering our prayers...


I'm just adding updates as Kelly gives them on her blog. Alex and I have been praying for Scott, Kelly and little Harper, since last night, when we heard the news. God is so good...He hears our prayers and He answers!! We pray with confidence that Harper will be home soon with her Mommy & Daddy.

***For continued updates, click on the Praying for Harper button on my sidebar***

11:30 Saturday
Praise Jesus for He is good!!! Scott just called to tell me that he just went to see Harper and the nurse said she is not even on the list for bypass (ECMO) because the doctor thinks she is responding so well to what they are doing she may not even need it. We were told in not so many words yesterday that she may not survive at all and because of so many prayers all over the world - she is improving hour by hour. We have had so much kindness shown to us over the last 24 hours - I can not even begin to tell you. Scott has had several people that we don't know but who read our blog come to see him and even brought him things. He just called me crying because he couldn't believe the kindness we have been shown. It's so overwhelming. Our whole family has cried so much because of the overwhelming kindness of friends and strangers. It certainly has encouraged us to do more for others ourselves.


God is answering our prayers. Here's an update on Harper...(from Kelly's blog)

5:30 a.m. Saturday
I realize I should be sleeping but it's just not coming and you know how hospitals are - I get woken up every minute anyway. The doctor from the neo-natal unit in Tulsa (yes - it's St. Francis) called me at 4 to let me know Harper was there and she was stable. They are running tests on her heart and her brain and doing a few more things before they can start the bypass. Shortly after - Scott and his parents got there and they got to see her again. I have to say that I have never loved my husband more than I do right now. He has been my rock. We have shed more tears in the last 8 hours than we probably have our entire lives but we also know that we want God to get all the glory and praise and honor in whatever happens in our baby's life.
I have such a peace about her being in Tulsa and it was just confirmed to me as I read the comments and a nurse from pediatrics said the nurses there had already been praying for us. And I just recieved an e-mail from someone who went through an almost identical situation and her daughter is now a healthy 3 year old. Thank you Jesus for sending me all of these encouragers and prayer warriors. It is NOT by accident that so many of you have found my blog and are now praying.

Love to all,

Friday, January 16, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request...


12:30 a.m. Saturday morning (written by Kelly)

Change of plans - AR children's hospital was all booked up so they are about to fly my baby to Tulsa. They are going to be doing a heart/lung bypass on her and the last time we spoke with the doctor - he gave us more hope. Her heart is just fine. She has pneumonia in her lungs and it's just very, very serious. We were able to go up and see her and touch her. They have her put under and paralyzed so she can't move so they can treat her. But she's just beautiful. She's BIG - but beautiful! ;-) I told her we have so many people praying for her and she is going to live and come home to wear all her pretty monogrammed dresses.
I have been sitting here crying about all the people we have praying for us. I can't even begin to tell you what that means to our family. It was what is keeping me from completely falling apart right now. I have comfort in my Jesus. He will never leave me or forsake me. I don't know what His plans are........whether we will be able to keep Harper on this earth with us or not - but I know that I know that I know that He is good and He loves me and He is holding my hand right now.

Please continue to pray,

Love to all,


I'm sure many of you follow Kelly at Kelly's Korner. She and her baby girl, Harper, are in need of our prayers. Kelly delivered Harper at 7:03pm, this evening. Harper weighed 9lb 12oz. We don't know much about Harper's condition. We do know, they are med-flighting her to AR Children's Hospital. Per Kelly, the NICU doctor is not giving a favorable report. I don't know what that means, but I can only imagine how scared Scott, Kelly, and their families are right now. Kelly also lost a lot of blood during delivery...her blood pressure is really low. She is planning to join Harper at Children's, tomorrow. Pray that happens, as I know she wants to be with her baby, at this very moment.

If you will, please stop what you're doing and lift Harper and Kelly up to the Lord right now.

Love to all,

What we're reading...

You can probably guess which one is mine and which is Alex's. He was so excited to get this for Christmas. I remember having to read some of Foxe's Book of Martyrs in school. Alex was reading some of it to me, the other night. One time was enough for me. I will stick to my easy reading, like Jon & Kate + 8. It's actually a very good book. She writes about her infertility struggles in the first part of the book. I could totally relate to so many of the feelings she wrote about, in regards to her infertility. Their story really is a miracle...that those 6 babies survived and are totally healthy! Coming from a large family, I would so have 8 kids. I would prefer to have them one at a time, but at this rate, we may need to have 2 or 3 at once. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Love to all,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yummy Pancakes...

My Momma makes some good pancakes. I asked her for the recipe and the problem is...she doesn't measure anything. I have to measure EVERYTHING or it just doesn't turn out. I was craving pancakes, a month or so ago, and got online and pulled up a thousand recipes. I decided that this one looked the easiest and this is the recipe I've used ever since! I wish now, that I would have written down the website, so I could give them credit for these yummy pancakes. I have made these several times and they always turn out and are always DE-LISH!

So here's the recipe! Just click on the pic and it will make it large enough to read. :)

These are things that you always have on hand...

Would you like some pancakes with that butter!? :)



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It was made of some sort of soft, silky, devil fabric...

I had my last lupron depot shot, yesterday. YAY!! After my doctor's visit, I decided to go desk shopping. I've had my eye on one, but we would like it better if it were an espresso color. Well actually, it comes in this neat green color (which I love) but Alex doesn't like it, so we're still shopping. :) Anywho, I went to several places but no luck, yet, on a desk.

Then I made the mistake of going into Ann Taylor Loft. Right now, this is about the only place that has clothes that fit my body, so I'm in their store, quite often. I found a couple of shirts to try on and of course, the sales girl finds an insane amount of things for me to try on, as well. She just kept grabbing items and adding them to my pile. I know they are taught to do this, because I worked in retail a whole 2 days. Anywho, she brings me this top and it's super cute. I try it on and it looks and fits really nice...UNTIL...I decide to take it off. It was as if the blouse got angry with me for wanting to remove it from my body. The sleeves began to shrink and tighten on my arms to where I couldn't pull the shirt over my head. At one point, I looked in the mirror and said out loud, "don't panic." I tried to remove it and the sleeves just wouldn't budge. This blouse was made of some sort of silky, soft, devil fabric. I was getting desperate and was thinking to myself, "you have two choices...have them cut it off your body or tell them you love it so much, you want to wear it out of the store." I finally decided to place my head between my legs and put my arms completely over my head and slowly pull the blouse off. After the 4th attempt and so many knots in my shoulders, I could barely worked. If Ann Taylor Loft had cameras in their dressing rooms, they would (not only get sued) but would get hours of entertainment, because I guarantee, I'm not the only fat-armed girl that has tried on that shirt.

Good times.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Need help with dinner?

My friend, Carissa, shared this wonderful site on her blog. It's called Simplify Supper. I was very excited to check it out and I think it's a fabulous idea! I love to cook dinner for Alex, every evening, but I tend to run out of ideas after a while. We also tend to eat-out more, if I don't have dinner ready (or at least started) when he gets home from work. We can save A LOT of money over a months time, if I go to the grocery store and actually cook for us. Alex would eat the same thing every evening. In that way, he's not picky, but I always want to have something new and tasty, waiting on him when he gets home.

I despise going to the grocery store. When we lived in Houston, I would order my groceries online and have them delivered to my doorstep. That's how much I hated going to that dreadful place. If this service were offered in my current home town, I would continue to buy my groceries that way. Unfortunately, it's not an option here. Another plus about this site, it gives you a grocery list with each item you will need from the store. So you just print it and you're in and out of the store in no time! LOVE IT!

If you need a few new ideas for dinner-time (like me)...check it out!

Love to all,

Monday, January 12, 2009

An award for me!? You shouldn't have... :)

When life gives you lemons...make lemonade!

My friend, Leslie, over at Glitter & Bliss passed this award onto me! Thank you, sweet girl! It has been a joy, getting to know you. You are super talented and have such a sweet shines through in everything you write.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pink Swap!

I see different swaps all over blogland. Have any of you ever participated in one? I seem to stumble across them after the fact, and it's too late to sign up.

Lucky me, I stumbled across this one and signed myself up, just in time! It's a PINK SWAP! You put together a basket of all things pink and send it to your partner. How much fun is that!? I've already started to pick up some super cute items (all containing pink of course) and can't wait for the partners to be revealed. The list will be posted, today! Can you tell that I love this sort of thing? :)

Love to all,

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Wednesday evenings are when our homegroup gets together. We host every other week and this last Wednesday was our turn to have everyone over. We had a full house! I fixed baked potatoes with toppings, a big pot of chili, and we had banana pudding for dessert (per request of the birthday girl) :)

Vickie's Birthday Banana Pudding :)

Happy Birthday, Vickie!!

One of the highlights of the evening...Jackson Luke demonstrating his walking skills. He is almost there...I'm sure in a matter of days, he will be off and running!

*and just for the record...he did get a lick of that sucker!*

We had taken a break for the holidays, so it was good to start back, have a meal with friends and study God's Word.

Love to all,

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The rest of the story...

I think it's important when sharing ones story, that we share the good days, as well as the not-so-good days. My not-so-good days are few and far between, but they do come and I always need time to think, pray & process. I write about those days because I think it's important to be real. Alex reminds me that we wouldn't have I & II Samuel, had Hannah not been real and shared her not-so-good days.

I take comfort in the fact that Naomi's story didn't end with her insisting on being called Mara. As my devotional points out (from Sarah's laughter)...
Here’s the good part. God doesn’t just see the here-and-now like we do. God saw more than a grieving widow and childless mother when He looked at Naomi. He saw a woman restored. It’s found in the first two words of Ruth 2:1, “Now Naomi…” God still called Naomi ‘pleasant”! There is never any account of God referring to Naomi as Mara or “bitter”. What does this tell us? This tells us that God saw more than what Naomi was able to see. He could see that He would restore her. He could see that the devastating season of her life would eventually end, and bitterness would leave her. God looked at Naomi and in His eyes, He saw her as pleasant.

I realize that God can see more than infertility in my life. He sees more than a struggle to conceive. He sees the future He has planned for me, and it’s a good one (Jeremiah 29:11). He sees that my constant struggle with infertility will eventually end!

Thank you, for your words of encouragement and for your prayers. God uses you to turn my not-so-good days into days where I'm actually thankful for this journey...every happy, sad, exciting, bitter, lovely day on this journey. name is Jill. :)

Love to all!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Call me Mara...

The past two days have been hard for me. I have found myself pleading with God. I wish that having a baby were easier. I wish I could conceive like everyone else in my family. Out of this ginormous family...why am I the only one that has this problem? Not that I would wish for anyone to have this as well, I just want to be like them and to be able to conceive easily. For once, I want to be someone other than myself. I've always been happy and content with being me, but the longer I go through infertility, the more I wish I could be like everyone else. I wish that I could go off a pill, make love to my spouse in the privacy of our own home and then find out that I'm pregnant, in just a few short months. Instead, I get to stop injections in my backside, so that I can start giving myself injections in my stomach. I get to have my eggs taken from my body and mixed with my husband's sperm, so that our baby can hopefully grow in a petri dish and be placed back inside of me, to hopefully stay for 9 months. This exhausting/intrusive process is done over and over and without one single guarantee of a baby in the end. I wish the monthly weight gain that I've been experiencing was from a baby growing inside of me, instead of from the hormones that I inject, daily.

A few days ago, my devotional was on Naomi. It stuck with me. For once, I could relate to Naomi's story. Namoi's name meant pleasant, which described her well. That is until she lost her husband and two sons. After her loss, Naomi would no longer let anyone call her by her name. She would say, "Call me Mara." Mara means bitter. She said, "The Lord Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me."

The past two days, I feel as though The Lord Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me. I don't want to feel this way, but I do. I don't always feel this way, but right now, I do. I just wish it were easier.

Today, call me Mara.

Cheesy Black Bean Dip...

I have to thank Heather over at Life at Sonic Speed for sharing this yumminess with me! I made it a few nights ago, for Alex and I to try...we ate the entire pan! (in our defense, it was all we had for dinner) :) I'm making it again, tonight, for our homegroup.

The recipe is easy...only 4 ingredients!
Cream Cheese
Black Beans
Shredded Cheese

Take the above ingredients and layer them in the order listed. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 mins, just to warm through. Serve with tortilla chips.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

His Holy Name...

I have several things that I want to be a part of this being Project 365, which is a way for me to document in pictures, our life in 2009.

The other thing that I've committed to is His Holy Name Challenge . I am not a scrapbooker. Whenever I see books put together, I tend to want to sit down and make one. The problem is, I have ADD type tendencies, which won't allow me to sit and cut up paper and pictures for hours on end. I have the same problem with reading books. I read a chapter or two and then come back to it the next day...or I buy the book on cd and listen to it. I'm just easily's frustrating but true.

This challenge sounded fun to me, because it was more of a Bible study. Every other week, you're given an attribute for God, you study it, and then make a page (or in my case, a small card) about that attribute. It will help me to get into God's Word and learn more about Him, which is totally worth my time and exciting to me!

It's not too late for you to be a part of the HHN Challenge as well! Check it out at the link above.

Love to all,

Monday, January 5, 2009

A year in pictures...

I'm excited to share something that I will be working on this year. It's called Project 365. I knew it would be something I would enjoy, since I love taking pictures. I'm sure everyone around me tires of me taking their picture, but that's the price you pay for being my friend. :)

Project 365 is where you take a picture every day in 2009 and write a little note about what happened that day. I'm sure by Dec 31st, 2009, my photo album will be a great testament of just how boring my life really is! ha!

I actually like this though...we forget so many things that happen throughout the days, weeks, years. Documenting the special times, as well as the ordinary times in our life is a perfect idea. For instance, January 1st is a picture of me and Alex in our pj's (which I stayed in all day and it was fabulous) reading our books, drinking coffee. I'm happy that I have a picture to remember that ordinary, yet lovely day, with my sweet husband.

Love to all,

Sunday, January 4, 2009

No more Cottage Living...

I received my postcard in the mail, yesterday, telling me that Cottage Living Magazine is no longer being published.:(

They will honor the rest of my subscription with Southern if that makes it better.

It's a sad day...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My bare and lonely

I woke up this morning and knew that today was the day...the Christmas decorations must come down! By Jan 3rd, that's not too bad. :) All of my decorations aren't actually in their boxes yet, because I'm planning to throw out some of my old decor that I don't use anymore. I'm also coming up with a better storing/labeling system. Alex swears that he can barely walk in the attic, because of all of my old stuff that I don't use. I guess we'll be cleaning that out soon, as well. A little early spring cleaning, I suppose. Ugh.

I'd like to share a pic of what my mantel looks like, at this very moment.

So bare and lonely...

Once Christmas is over, I'm always ready for spring! Alex keeps reminding me that winter has just begun. My problem is, I tire of things easily and constantly want to be changing things out. I have plenty of items to go over/on this mantel, but get tired of looking at the same thing. I'm excited to see what Shannon at Bless Our Nest starts revealing in the New Year. No pressure, Shannon, but I need some inspiration and preferrably on a budget! ;) She is actually really good with that...she's always sharing new ideas and they are always easy on the pocketbook, so if you haven't found her blog yet...check her out in the New Year. You'll be hooked, for sure.

I better get back to work!

Love to all,

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day...

Alex and I had a yummy dinner at P.F.'s last night. We stuffed ourselves...well, I stuffed myself, Alex had more self control than me. We ordered a couple of appetizers (pan-fried veggie dumplings and cripsy green beans) and then the manager sent out lettuce wraps, which was nice but we couldn't eat everything. I couldn't even touch my entree, I just had the waitress box it up to bring home. We brought home a lot of leftovers...Diesel enjoyed his doggy bag of wonton soup and fried rice...that dog is spoiled rotten. He ate like a king while I was at my parents. Alex went to Riverfront both nights that I was gone, so Dies had steak while Mommy was away. He tends to turn his nose up at his real dog food, if he eats like that for too long. Can't say that I blame him. :)

After dinner, we came home, watched the ball drop, and then went to bed! We slept in, until almost 10 this a.m. That was nice and very unusual for my hubby. He has been working a lot of hours this week, so he was exhausted.

I stopped by Old Mill Bread, yesterday afternoon, to order cinnamon rolls for this morning. They were covered in cream cheese icing and oh so delicious.

I need to be packing up Christmas, but haven't. I've been playing around on scrapblog most of the morning, which is why I've had several different blog headers in only a matter of a few hours. I keep changing my mind. Don't be surprised if it's different, the next time you stop by. :)

Here is a pic of my Christmas card garland that I will be taking down, today. I love looking at all of the picture cards that have come in over the holiday. Can I just say, that I'm friends with some extremely good-looking people!

Love to all,