Saturday, January 10, 2009


Wednesday evenings are when our homegroup gets together. We host every other week and this last Wednesday was our turn to have everyone over. We had a full house! I fixed baked potatoes with toppings, a big pot of chili, and we had banana pudding for dessert (per request of the birthday girl) :)

Vickie's Birthday Banana Pudding :)

Happy Birthday, Vickie!!

One of the highlights of the evening...Jackson Luke demonstrating his walking skills. He is almost there...I'm sure in a matter of days, he will be off and running!

*and just for the record...he did get a lick of that sucker!*

We had taken a break for the holidays, so it was good to start back, have a meal with friends and study God's Word.

Love to all,


Faith said...

You are blessed with the gift of hospitality, my friend. Thanks for sharing your talents with us through your blog. Have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

Homegroups are so fun. That banana pudding looked good!

Joannah said...

Jill, you are the consummate hostess and homemaker. I really admire that about you.


Jenna said...

How fun!! Looks like ya'll had a great night. You are the hostess with the mostest for real, my dear!!

Jim and April said...

that baked potato line of toppings was a great idea...looked very yummY! is this home group from your community or church?

amy said...

Your blog templates are always so cute. Where do you get them? Or how do you make them?
I'm totally lost.

MiMi said...

Happy Birthday to your friend, VIckie!

Looks like you had a great time and the "Baked Potato Bar" was a great idea! That sounds really yummy! And you can never go wrong with Banana Pudding!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Faith said...

We recently visited a home fellowship group with some friends of ours who go to another church and it was such a wonderful experience! That baked potato bar looks fabulous. I'm so thankful that God has surrounded you with a wonderful community of believers!

P.S. That Jackson Luke is so precious!!

amy said...

So fun! LOVE banana pudding!!! have you ever tried Paula Dean's recipe? It's my favorite!