Thursday, March 27, 2008

Psalm 37:4

"Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart."

My Grandmother shared this scripture verse with me today. I pray that my desires line up with God's desires, so that what I ask of Him, He is pleased to grant me. *smile*

Love you, Grandma!

Jill "Pill"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Answered Prayer...

God has provided the money for our first IVF cycle!!

We just recently found out that we had to have OUR entire portion (that which insurance won't pay) on April 3rd. I was assuming we paid at each visit but I guess that would get pretty crazy since the closer we get to transfer, the more we will frequent the clinic. Guess I hadn't really thought it through and we hadn't been told anything by the clinic until a couple of days ago, so of course I quickly began to worry when they informed me to arrive on April 3rd with much more than a $20 copay in-hand.

God knew I couldn't handle the stress of this right now and quickly (within 24 hours) answered our prayer and provided the money. I thank Him for that! :)

Just had to share this blessing! God is good.

Love to all,

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Poem...

I didn’t want to get out of bed – didn’t want to face the day
This pain of infertility – it takes my breath away

It seems everyone around me is sharing their good news
But every month the disappointment reminds me what I lose

I’m not complaining, God, for I know You hear my plea
I know You have my best in mind, even when I fail to see

I’m just being honest with you, God, and I know that You don’t mind
I want You to search my heart, even when I’m afraid of what You’ll find

I want my motives to be pure when asking You for such a treasure
I don’t want a baby for selfish reasons so I can receive the pleasure

So I’ll wait on You with faith and when my fear persists
I’ll ask You for the strength to stand no matter what Your answer is

I’ll praise you because of who you are and my heart will rest assured
Because of the depth of Your perfect love I know I can endure

By Darlen Suter

Week 3 of bcp...

Nothing exciting to post at this point...I will start my 3rd week of bcp tomorrow. Just 2 weeks of bcp left and then on to the real drugs. Our IVF class is scheduled for April 3rd. They should give me all of my medications and instructions at that point.

A girlfriend was over last night and she was asking how the process worked and I found myself nervous just talking about it. She asked me if I was about to cough or yawn because my voice was sounding weird. We started laughing because my voice was just trembling from talking about the daily shots, etc...I get anxious thinking about it. I know that once we get started and it's just part of our daily schedule that I will be fine, but right now just thinking about scares me.

On to more important things...we're really excited for our Easter service at Journey Church tomorrow. If you find yourself with no plans - come join us. :)

Love to all,

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My "Pill" taking a pill...

It's exciting that the process is finally starting and it's amazing to think that in 10 or so months, we could have our first child! It's important to Jill and me that our baby know just how much we wanted them and what we went through to have them. Though they may not be able to appreciate it for several years, one day they will be able to read this blog and know the love we had for them before they were even conceived.

Below are pics that I took of my "Pill" taking her first pill. :)


We want a baby, so it's time for birth control?

Well, quite unexpectedly....AF arrived yesterday! I didn't expect it until Wednesday (at the soonest) so it was a surprise...but a good surprise! That makes this last cycle 26 days which is very odd for me. Dr. Miller told me he thinks having that bad tube and ovary removed is really helping my body regulate and become 'more normal'...I've always wanted to be normal. :)

I didn't plan on starting the birth control until next Sunday but since AF arrived sooner than later, I get to start it today...yay!! The sooner I start the birth control, the sooner things progress (as crazy as that sounds...LOL).

So we begin one week sooner than we thought...

Love to all,

Saturday, March 8, 2008

History of the Common Thread...

Monday, March 3, 2008

New day, new doc, new excitement!

Today was our first appointment at our new clinic with Dr. Miller! We absolutely loved him...he was very informative and very friendly.

I had a vaginal ultrasound to make sure everything looks okay with my one and only ovary. :) He was concerned (because of my past history) that I might have polycystic ovary syndrome but once he did the ultrasound, said everything looks great! We spotted several eggs (at least 10 at different stages) in the ovary and he said that I'm a perfect candidate for IVF, didn't see that I would have any problem producing several eggs for them to retrieve once the time comes. That was very encouraging!

He gave me my birth control pills today. I will start them the Sunday after my next cycle begins. My next cycle (if on time) should start in a little over a week. Once on the birth control for a few weeks, I will start daily Lupron shots.

I also scheduled my IVF class for 3 weeks out from today, they will teach us how to administer the shots, etc. I will have my mock embryo transfer done on that same day. The mock transfer is where they insert a soft plastic catheter through the cervix and into the womb in order to make a detailed map of the course of the cervix and the depth of the womb. This is done so that the actual transfer of the embryos can go smoothly when the time comes. I believe Alex will have his test on this same day...just get it all over with at once.

Alex and I left the doctor's office today feeling very excited and encouraged!

More updates to come....

Love you all,