Sunday, March 9, 2008

My "Pill" taking a pill...

It's exciting that the process is finally starting and it's amazing to think that in 10 or so months, we could have our first child! It's important to Jill and me that our baby know just how much we wanted them and what we went through to have them. Though they may not be able to appreciate it for several years, one day they will be able to read this blog and know the love we had for them before they were even conceived.

Below are pics that I took of my "Pill" taking her first pill. :)



Anonymous said...

LOL. How great! What child wouldn't be blessed to have you guys as parents?!


Anonymous said...

You child will definitely know how loved they've always been!!! Love this blog Alex - very sweet!

Anonymous said...

I pray for your journey every day.
We are so happy for you both.
I thank you for the blog, getting to see your smiling faces makes my day.
May God bless your lives with your hearts desire.
Love ya
Brenda K

Emily said...

Thanks for the sweet comments on our blog!! April told me that ya'll had started this and it's neat to see how God is teaching you so much through this process. If you get to the point of considering adoption, please feel free to email me personally and we can chat...i'm becoming an "expert" slowly but surely.!!

Ahuva Batya said...

What a great post, and I love the pictures! I wish you luck at this exciting step.