Sunday, March 9, 2008

We want a baby, so it's time for birth control?

Well, quite unexpectedly....AF arrived yesterday! I didn't expect it until Wednesday (at the soonest) so it was a surprise...but a good surprise! That makes this last cycle 26 days which is very odd for me. Dr. Miller told me he thinks having that bad tube and ovary removed is really helping my body regulate and become 'more normal'...I've always wanted to be normal. :)

I didn't plan on starting the birth control until next Sunday but since AF arrived sooner than later, I get to start it today...yay!! The sooner I start the birth control, the sooner things progress (as crazy as that sounds...LOL).

So we begin one week sooner than we thought...

Love to all,


mrsandrewweaver said...

YIPEE!!! Who ever knew AF could be such a wonderful thing to receive. :) Love you sister! Can't wait to start on your book or books. :)

Alex & Jill said...

I's funny how your feelings about things change during this entire process! LOL
I can't wait for those books either...I've seen so many made, I'm excited to get one or two of my own! :) Love you too! -J

Anonymous said...

I have never been so excited to read about a topic such as this which covers so many personal things. :) It is very exciting and sharing the process with the rest of us lets us be a part of it so thank you for that. Prayers are coming your way Averitt Family!!! love you both. ab