Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Poem...

I didn’t want to get out of bed – didn’t want to face the day
This pain of infertility – it takes my breath away

It seems everyone around me is sharing their good news
But every month the disappointment reminds me what I lose

I’m not complaining, God, for I know You hear my plea
I know You have my best in mind, even when I fail to see

I’m just being honest with you, God, and I know that You don’t mind
I want You to search my heart, even when I’m afraid of what You’ll find

I want my motives to be pure when asking You for such a treasure
I don’t want a baby for selfish reasons so I can receive the pleasure

So I’ll wait on You with faith and when my fear persists
I’ll ask You for the strength to stand no matter what Your answer is

I’ll praise you because of who you are and my heart will rest assured
Because of the depth of Your perfect love I know I can endure

By Darlen Suter


Anonymous said...

wow!!!! thank you for sharing this, today especially, as while my situation is different, this was great to read, just now! love you! AB