Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Answered Prayer...

God has provided the money for our first IVF cycle!!

We just recently found out that we had to have OUR entire portion (that which insurance won't pay) on April 3rd. I was assuming we paid at each visit but I guess that would get pretty crazy since the closer we get to transfer, the more we will frequent the clinic. Guess I hadn't really thought it through and we hadn't been told anything by the clinic until a couple of days ago, so of course I quickly began to worry when they informed me to arrive on April 3rd with much more than a $20 copay in-hand.

God knew I couldn't handle the stress of this right now and quickly (within 24 hours) answered our prayer and provided the money. I thank Him for that! :)

Just had to share this blessing! God is good.

Love to all,


Anonymous said...

YEA!!!! I am so happy for ya'll. That is great news. I know you were worried about that. Congratulations!!
Heather Lawson