Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tour of Homes 2008!

I've really been looking forward to this! I love decorating our home all throughout the year but Christmas is my absolute favorite time. The garland, the ornaments, the lights, the candy, the music...I love it all.

I'm participating in two tours today, one through BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes and the other through Hooked on Houses Christmas Tour. Tomorrow, the 16th, I will be partying with everyone over at Kimba's Holiday Open House! Head on over to these blogs and share your Christmas decor, as well!

Click on pics to enlarge...

Welcome to our home...come on in!

I put our monogram or name on everything I can. :)

Front porch

Grab a candy cane on your way in!

This is one of my faves over my front door...It's A Wonderful Life

This is hanging over my back door

This is right inside the front door...a tree and sleigh to hold car keys, etc.

A few of my favorite ornaments...

I love this one...He is the true Reason for the Season!

Can't live in Arkansas and not be a Hog Fan! The other side of this ornament has our Family Name. I always put it beside this picture ornament of us at a Hogs Game.

I'm addicted to coffee, so I had to pick up this coffee cup topiary!

These are solid wood and hand painted...they are so heavy! They are a special reminder of our trip to Cancun which was awesome...definitely going back!

This is my chandelier ornament that I picked up at a little boutique in NLR. I wish now that I had bought more. It's so girly.

My Christmas theme, just a mixture of things that I love.

My mantel...I love my bottle brush trees.

A rub-on between the mantel & Christmas says Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year!

I have a few things around my house that say Believe but I'm not talking about Santa. :)

I change out the throw on this chair with each season and add a seasonal pillow...this one says, Jingle Bells.

This candy dish was my Great-Grandmothers...I fill it with ribbon candy.

My buffet...I do something different on this every year. This year, garland, trees, Christmas pics and a bowl of candy canes.

This is also on my friend Jules introduced me to this book, years ago. It's the only thing about Santa that I have in my house but it's too adorable not to have. It's about a dog named, Olive that helped guide Santa's sleigh with her keen sense of smell. Thus the name of the book, "Olive, the other Reindeer." :)

Dining room table...a little more casual this year with our gingerbread house and candy canes. I bought this Tag runner at TJ Maxx for $10.00...I love that place!

I always do a fresh wreath on our front door and over this mirror in our dining room. I found this "Tis the Season" ornament at TJ as well, thought it would look cute in the middle of my wreath!

Garland over my dining room window. I hang our Christmas cards throughout this looks so pretty once it's filled with cards and it makes it easy to see all of them.

My Believe star, hanging at the top of the garland.

Kitchen table...I found this tablecloth this year at Kmart (Martha Stewart). Martha says wash it by hand, which I laughed at when I read the tag. I've already thrown it into the washer & dryer twice. Who hand washes a tablecloth!?

Garland over the window in my kitchen area. The little red sign in the middle of the wreath says, "Soon it will be Christmas Day."

I'm getting nervous with all that I still have to do and Christmas will be here in 10 days!!

Would you like a little snow in your hot cocoa?

Kitchen mat by the stove

Christmas towels...for the Southern Belle in all of us.

Christmas wreath on countertop

I bought this with every intent to hang ornaments from it but ended up making it a coffee mug works.

I love my S-I-L bought me this for my birthday last year. And now you see what I'm talking about when I say, BELIEVE. :)

Not much going on in the guest bath...a tray with a tree, Christmas guest towels and some peppermint hand lotion (to go w/the peppermint hand soap!)

JOY over the toilet. LOL I don't know why I put this here.

Well, are you exhausted!?? I know that was a lot of pics...sorry! I just had to show you everything! :) I hope you enjoyed this Christmas tour of my home.

Merry Christmas, Y'all!



Heather said...

I love your Christmas towel, it all looks so cute!! Thanks for sharing!! Merry Christmas!!

Faith said...

I just love all of your little touches throughout your house that are so special! Everything looks so good. I am loving the garland for the perfect. I really need to do something like that. And, that Christmas towel is soooo cute! I'm so glad you opened your home to share with us!

Jenna said...

I truly love every single thing!! It looks awesome!

Mel said...

Girl, you go all out and it is SO worth it! It all looks so amazing and beautiful. :)
Rub some of that suzy homemaker off on my please!!!!!!

Shannon said...

Where do I start? I love everything!! I love the nativity, the tree, the chandelier ornamnet, the garlands with the cards....everything!! Your style is so cute!

maw82 said...

WOW! Will you come decorate my house! I love it all! You did an awesome job! Love your house!!!! So Elegant! : )

I Believe in Miracles said...

Your house is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. Amazing.

Where did you get your stockings? And what about the garland for the Christmas cards? What's that made of and how do you hang the cards? I still haven't figured out a good way to do that yet.

Thanks for sharing.


annalee said...

i used to teach kindergarten, and olive, the other reindeer was one of my very favorite christmas reads to my class!
i love your christmas decor style!

Polly Gamwich said...

All I could think is how wonderful kids would feel growing up with a mommy who did all this for them.

You've done a beautiful job and I bet it's so fun just to hang out in!

MegCherry said...

Your home looks great!
I like your star on top of your tree, your signs above your doors and your front porch.

Thanks for sharing!!!

Joannah said...

Martha Stewart hasn't got anything on you, Jill! Your house looks festive and beautiful.

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

I love the deep colors in your house. And all the signs. So pretty.

For Christmas I love the snow jar with marshmallows and the pots outside with candy canes....cute touches.

bb and mtb said...

Your home is amazing!!! I hope that everyone who sees it loves it as much!! Merry Christmas!

TCKK said...

How beautiful. You have such a nice home and beautiful decorations. I love the believe stuff too. I don't have any yet, but I'll probably be looking for some after Christmas during the sales.
Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas!

CKR said...

Wow! I'm glad I stopped by...I can't decide what I like the best...The Nativity display is beautiful and so is your buffet. I also love your porch decor. Everything is so lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Staci said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your candy canes at the front door and the jar of marshmallows. Very festive!

I got the "Merry Christmas" and the "home for the holidays" sign at Macy's after christmas sale last year.

Jill @ Live Laugh Blog said...

I love it all! Especially the JOY in your bathroom!
And I love your framed mirror, how neat!

I love all the decorative lettering. I sell Uppercase Living - I have it ALL through my house! Glad to see others enjoy it so much too!

Thanks for sharing!

Rathi said...

Love it all, but love the stand that you hung your coffee mugs on.. Where did you get it? Very cute decorations though!! Have a great week!

Amy said...

Wow, everything looks so great! I am afraid I've been lazy this year!!

Anonymous said...

Your decorations are all so pretty! I love all your ornaments! Thank you for sharing your home!

darla said...

everything looks absolutely gorgeous!

Cyndi said...

Oh, I am drooling. Yours is my favorite house of all the beautiful ones I've visited today. We definitely share similar tastes, but you left me in the decorating dust. :)

You asked about my camera...I use a Canon 40D, but I think it is a good external flash that makes the difference with indoor photos. Have a blessed Christmas and I will be back to visit your blog again!

Paula said...

Your home looks amazing. I love all of your decorations!

Cyndi said...

After I left my comment I looked around your blog a little more, and I just wanted to tell you how inspiring your attitude about your infertility struggle is. Truly a humbling lesson about being thankful in all circumstances. I fought that battle for 5 years before adopting two children from Bulgaria, and I too always believed that God was holding my children safely until His timing was right, but oh it was hard and painful and heartbreaking. I pray that your children will be in your arms very soon.

canadacole said...

Thanks for sharing your home! It all looks so fun and warm. I love all of the reminders to believe, and the Christmas tree mug holder--great idea. It makes you feel like you could just grab a cup and curl up in your cozy chair.

Merry Christmas! Keep believing!

andrea_jennine said...

Darling! Going from an apartment to a house, our Christmas decorations seem a little sparse this year. But I look forward to gradually building up our collection!

Carol said...

Beautifully done! Thank you for sharing your celebration with us.

Merry Christmas!

Hardage Family said...

Hey Jill! I can always count on you to read my blogs...even if no one else does (thanks for making me feel important!) Your tour of homes pics are getting me more into the Christmas mood (if that's possible)...Merry Christmas!!!

Glitter and Bliss said...

Thanks so much for the tour of your wonderful home. I love all your decorations. The believe banner is so cute!! Thanks for entering my giveaway!!

Kelly | Purple Lemon designs said...

SOO cute! I love Olive the other Reindeer...One of my favs!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog...I appreciate the comment.

Baby Sara's Mom said...

love your house with Christmas decor!!! you did a great job:)

Jen & Jared said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment. I, too, can't get enough of Peyton saying "Jesus". Also, your home looks awesome! Can't wait for the Averitt Christmas there next week! An old friend from Law School sent me a link to his wife's blog and she did the tour of homes too... so fun and so neat to see how different people go all out decorating. Hope you have a great day... don't get out and fall on the ice! :)


Alice said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful decorations with us. It is truly beautiful. You have the touch!

La La said...


Kristen said...

LOVE it!
It is awesome! I love those little trees too! I have so many of them!
Have a merry Christmas!

JJ said...

Beautiful tour! Your house is decorated SO nice. Happy Holidays!

Katie said...

You did a beautiful job decorating! I just read Olive to my second graders today...its such a cute book!

The Happy Housewife said...

Cute decorations! Love the candy cane display by the front door!

The Lind Family said...

Your home is just gorgeous and you and your husband are just the cutest! Thanks for checking out our decorations on our was neat to see that you were there. Thanks for the compliment on the Merry and Bright sign. My sweet neighbor gave it to me as a gift. She found it at a store in Nampa, Idaho called Graples. If you need any more info or if you'd like for me to find you one, email me at
Merry CHRISTmas!!!


i am amazingly impressed! wow...good for you. you should be in a magazine!

Kathleen said...

Great decorations, have enjoyed looking at it all! Thanks for giving a great tour!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Your decorations are so pretty.
I hope you'll visit my blog soon. I've had giveaway's every Friday in December.

SAHSHA said...

Looks great!!! I love your mantle.

April said...

what an adorable house you have.. love all of your ornaments too! cute, cute, cute!

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

Everything looks great and I love your signs! I also like the jar of snow. That's about the only kind of snow we have in Florida.

Becky said...

It's gorgeous…. you have decorated your home beautifully.

ellen b said...

Love your home and how you've decorated!! Thanks for the lovely tour and thanks for coming to mine. Have a very Merry Christmas adoring Him!!

S'more of my Thoughts said...

What a BEAUTIFUL home!! And I love the Christmassy look to your whole blog! Gorgeous!

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