Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's A Wonderful Life...

One of my birthday gifts was tickets to The Rep to see "It's A Wonderful Life." This is my Dad's FAVORITE Christmas movie, so I definitely wanted him and my mom to go with us. We went last night. It was SO GOOD!! After the play, we went to a local bakery to have dessert & coffee with some of my family. I had chocolate creme of my faves! We get together once a month to celebrate whoever has a birthday in that month. Last night, we celebrated my birthday as well as my sweet S-I-L, Sara. Here are some pics from the evening.

~Me & Alex at The Rep~

~Mom & Dad at The Rep~

~The entire gang afterwards~

~Jackson got to open his b-day present from Papa & Granny
since his party is next weekend and they are out of town~

~Me & my youngest brother, Andrew~

~Granny feeding Kandace~

~Me & my sis, Joy~

~Sara showing off her new wallet~

~Chris, Kerri & Kandace~

~Joy & her boys (Ty, Cody & Pryce)~

~Cary, Sara & Jackson~

~Me & my sweetie~

It was a wonderful evening with family!

Love to all,


the voice of melody said...

A Wonderful Life is such a great movie, glad you all had a great time together.

By the way, that baby Jackson is such a cutie pie!

twondra said...

Glad you guys had a good time! Everyone looks so happy!

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Joannah said...

You have a lovely family!

Jenna said...

Looks like so much fun! That last picture of the two of ya'll is SO good!!

becca said...

hey what dessert place is open at night that has coffee and creme brulee??? Cuz that is my kind of place. Creme brulee is my favorite dessert though I prefer vanilla... I don't even like vanilla ice cream and am a chocalate fiend, but for some reason when it comes to cream brulee... I'm all about vanilla ;)

becca said...

wow! I had NO clue they were open that late. We're definitely visiting there SOON!

bb and mtb said...

Everyone looks so happy to just be together. And you are beautiful. Glad you had a good time!

Kristen said...

What a fun night! What a blessing to live by all your family! :)
Hope your week is good!

Faith said...

What a fun way to spend the evening with all of your loved ones. You have a beautiful family. And, that last picture of you and Alex is SO good!

Jen & Jared said...

Oh I love It's A Wonderful Life (one of my family's favorite Christmas movies). How was it at the Rep? I used to go to the Rep all the time before I got married - it is so not Jared's thing! :)