Monday, February 23, 2009

A blessed weekend...

I just wanted to thank all of you, who prayed for the marriage retreat, this past weekend. Alex and I walked away from it feeling so blessed to spend a weekend with these precious couples. There was a couple there who had only been married one week. They were always holding hands and she would sit in his lap. It was the cutest thing. Many shared their stories, their struggles, as well as the miracles God had performed in their marriages. We laughed, we cried, we prayed for one another, we encouraged one another...God definitely showed up and it was a blessed weekend!

When we arrived home on Saturday, we both crashed. We were exhausted on so many levels. It was such an emotional weekend (in a good way) and we needed rest. We took a long nap and just stayed in for the rest of the evening. We also did my first stims injection on Saturday night. This is a pic of the big nasty needle that I get stuck with every evening.

It hurt. I cried. I haven't cried from the pain of a shot in a LONG time. We mixed 8 vials of medicine and put it in one syringe (as directed by the nurse).

It sent my right leg into a charley horse. My hip is still hurting. The second night, Alex lessened the amount of sodium chloride mixed with the meds. It went much better. I may keep taking them in my left side, until my right recovers from that first shot. I go back to the clinic, tomorrow, so we'll see how these new drugs are working. :)

I received an email (over the weekend) that made me cry tears of joy. Another blog friend (that actually goes to my same clinic), just found out that her first IVF worked...she's pregnant!! In regards to my weekend, this news was the cherry on top of my sundae! Several months back, I feel like God told me that my blog is not just a place to share our story. He told me to dedicate special time each day, in praying for others going through IF and to encourage them whenever possible. Since doing so, it has made my journey through infertility so much sweeter. I'm not only waiting in hopeful anticipation for God to answer Alex's and my prayers for a baby...I'm waiting for Him to answer my prayers for you, as well. So get ready...because like my friend, CR said, I'm believing that 2009 is our year, girls! :)

I leave you with pics of this little guy. He makes me smile and I love him to pieces!

Happy Monday!

Love to all,


Anita said...

wow! That's a big needle. I'm sorry your first shot was really painful - it would of made me cry for sure!! It's great that the second shot was better, your hubby is an injection pro! :)I really hope that they only get easier from here. Praying for a BFP!

Jenna said...

So glad ya'll had a great weekend! That first picture of ya'll is TOO cute!!!! I am so sorry about that mean needle - I hope tomorrow brings a good report!!!

becca said...

I'm believing 2009 is your year too!

The Patterson's said...

So glad the weekend went well and congrats to your friend! We all need to hear the success stories to know that it IS possible. Hope you have mastered the injection and it doesn't hurt any more! That does seem like a long needle...hope your appointment goes well!

Megan said...

Such a cute pic of you guys!! I can see why you cried, that needle looks bad!

Mel said...

I cringed reading this. I did nothing but big scary IM injections for ALL of my fertility treatments and I remember the few times I got myself the wrong way and I would hurt for hours. One HcG shot hurt me for 2 days, I couldn't shake the sting.
I hope you're feeling better and pray it gets easier every day.
Congratulations to your friend! What a blessed story!!!

Shannon said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!! I'm so glad it went well.

Ok, that needle and all those viles are freaking me out! :) I'm so sorry it hurt!! I would have cried too.

Yay for a successful IVF! Thanks so much for all of your prayers and know that so many people are praying for you too! :)

What a cutie pie at the end of your post. :)

I Believe in Miracles said...

glad you had a great weekend! that's awesome.

i hate IM shots. those hurt the worst. my first ones hurt but then i seemed to get used to it. hope that happens to you.

love the pictures!!

gracechild said...

:( owiiiee! why didn't the mean ole doc give you subQ injections. I so hate those IM butt-leg shots

Heather said...

YES!!! I am praying, praying, praying that this is it!!!! :)

Faith said...

I am SO glad that this weekend went so well. I knew that God would speak through you and I'm so glad He showed up in such mighty ways! He can work in amazing ways through the word of our testimony. I know that you were blessed because of your obedience!!