Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's going on in my world...

I had my first massage, yesterday. It was wonderful. She did the massage on my stomach, last. It's the least comfortable, so she wanted me totally relaxed beforehand. I was. I felt light as a feather, upon leaving. If it does nothing else, it will really help with my anxiety through this cycle. Worth every penny.

I bought Alex this cd as a stocking stuffer. He has been telling me how much he enjoys listening to it, to and from work. I decided to pick up a copy for myself. It's all I've listened to, since buying it. When I leave to go get in my car, I take it with me. When I get out of my car to come inside, I bring it back in and put it in the cd player. Michael and I, have had some awesome worship time, this week. I love the entire cd. "Majesty" is one of my faves. I found myself (while cleaning the kitchen) lifting my hands in praise, singing as loud as I could. My friend, Vickie, rang the doorbell and when I answered she said, "girl, you were jammin' out." (LOL) Awesome cd...I highly recommend it.

I go in tomorrow for my first U/S appointment. Hopefully, my system will be suppressed and we will start stims over the weekend.

I want to ask you to pray for me and Alex. We have been asked to speak at a marriage retreat, this weekend. This will be the first time that we have actually shared 'our story' with a large group of people. We have shared with individuals, but never with a group like this. We're excited to have the opportunity to share what God has done in us, as individuals, as well as in our marriage. We have a heart for couples to have the best marriage possible...a God-centered marriage. Please pray for all of the couples that will be at the retreat, as well.

It was like spring outside, today. It was beautiful. I opened up all of the windows and just let the breeze flow through the house. I should have taken a picture of Diesel (our English Mastiff), today. He just sat at the kitchen window and watched me clean and was funny. I think he enjoyed the worship music as much as I did. According to BooMama, dogs need Jesus too.

I had some people ask where I bought my red ballet shoes. Well get ready for it, because you're gonna love it. Payless. It's their American Eagle brand.
I used to throw down serious cash on shoes, but since I quit work, I can't seem to bring myself to spend $150 on a pair of shoes. It thrills me to be able to find cute shoes at Target or Payless. A lot of times, I will find high end shoes at TJ Maxx and I have to admit, that still makes my heart race. I have WAY TOO MANY pairs of day I will show you a pic of my closet. It used to be an addiction, but like I said, I'm better now that I'm a SAHW. My shoe money goes towards needles and baby drugs now and I'm cool with that.

In other sister and I got the catering job! We're super excited and hope that it brings more business our way. My S-I-L, Sara, and I have started making rings...they are all made of vintage buttons (circa 1930's to 1960's). We have a small boutique that has shown interest in carrying them, so that's exciting, as well! Lots of great things going on. I'll keep you updated on how that works out.

So that's an update on what's going on in my world.

Love to all,


Becca said...

Jill, I recently found your blog and wanted to let you know it has been a God-send to me. My hubby and I just found out this week that our first attempt at IVF did not work and we are devastated. How comforting it is to find others who have been in the same situation and who have made it through with hope and faith securely intact! Thank you for sharing your heart so openly.

annalee said...

WOW! what mighty ways God is using you guys. still praying for this month and His plans!
ps- my word verification for this comment is "pastor"

Shannon said...

I had a whole long comment posted but then I got an error! Ughh. :)

Loved your post, I'll be praying for you!

Jenna said...

So glad you the massage was great!! I will definitely be praying for the u/s and for ya'lls speaking this weekend. I know God will use ya'll in a mighty way!

And girl, those shoes...SO CUTE!

Hope you have a great Thursday, and keep jammin out, my friend. :-)

Mel said...

Will def pray for the marriage retreat, I know you guys will do awesome, though!
Congrats on the catering job!!
I am a shoe monger, too. Do you guys have DSW there? UGH. I love finding stuff on clearance in the back. It has been miserable to not shop all these months and with the rate my feet are swollen, I may never get back in my old shoes. I may have about 100 pairs of gorgeous 8.5's to give away in 6 months if they don't go back!

I am praying hard for this cycle... I know it's old hat for you at this point, but I really do hope this is the one, Jill.

Faith said...

So many exciting things going on! Glad that your massage went well...that sounds heavenly! I love good worship music and I do the same thing when I'm working around the house. Thanks for the recommendation!

I just prayed for your u/s appointment today. I really hope that it goes well!

How awesome that you and Alex will be speaking at a marriage retreat this weekend! I am so proud of your willingness to be open and vulnerable before others and to testify about what God has done in your lives. He will receive the honor and glory, I just know it! I'll be praying specifically for that!

Love the shoes, love that you got the catering job, and would love to see those cute rings you are talking about. How fun!!

Love you girl!

Rathi said...

I agree with Faith, i want to see the rings you were talking about! Glad your massage went well, and will be praying about your ultrasound! Happy Friday tomorrow and have a great weekend!

I Believe in Miracles said...


The Patterson's said...

Awesome update...congrats on the catering job and your new ring business! I'll be praying for you for the marriage conference. Hope your appointment goes well, and you can start those stims this weekend!

Baby Sara's Mom said...

you are a busy girl! i'm so excited for you and Joy with the catering bussines! i think that both of you will do great... and can't wait to see the rings you are making with your s-i-l. let us see them when they are ready. have a fun weekend:)

Heather said...

I love those cute payless shoes!!! I am glad your massage was awesome- you so deserve it! I am praying like crazy for this cycle for you guys! Jill, I just can't get that picture you posted of all those meds and needles out of my mind...I admire you so much for being able to do all that AND still keep such a positive, faithful attitude! God is pleased with you, sweet girl! I can't wait for Him to bless you!
I will be praying for the retreat as well.
Love ya!

Jim and April said...

wow...thats awesome that you got those shoes from payless! LOVE them! I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful time speaking at the retreat...if you want too...i know I would love to hear your story on here..but if your not comfortable sharing it...i understand!

Joannah said...

You do have a lot going on! It sounds like we'll be doing this IVF thing at the same time. :-)

Leslie Laine said...

Hey Jill - would love to see some pix of your rings on here. Sounds interesting.

So excited to hear about your presentation - I'll be thinking of you all. I hope that you're able to touch someone with your story, someone who hasn't had the courage to speak out or who is struggling in their relationship because of IF. What a blessing for them!

Thinking of you as you start your cycle.

Glitter and Bliss said...

Hello to you. So glad you had a relaxing massage... I know your story will touch many. I am praying for you.

Kristen said...

I am praying for you during this cycle. I pray that God uses you this weekend and will lift you up this week. I am so excited about this CD, I think I might need it! We listen to praise music all day in our house and Casey and I ALWAYS listen to praise music or sermons on road trips! I will have to purchase this tomorrow. Can't wait. I need a picture of those rings--i bet they are cute.
I LOVE payless and Target for shoes too. Great shoes for cheap!

Well, I hope you have a blessed weekend blessing others. :)

Wishing 4 One said...

Wow, so many congrats to you! Hope the ultrasound and your weekend goes well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE shoes too! I also am a former addict, I have scaled down bigtime, especially since moving to Cairo, but I must admit I always browse shoes online. TJ MAXX and a store called Ross was a hot spot for me! Have a great weekend! xoxoxoxo

Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

I am excited for you and alex to be a strength and a hope for other people's marriages. I now the journey was a hadr one but worth it when it changes others lives and gives them hope to hold on, they too can have what you have! I love you so very much! You are my Princess:)