Friday, April 25, 2008

E2 level update...

Okay, so Estradiol level was up to 156 today! He counted 7 follicles, said there might be an 8th one up there as well, could barely see it though. For sure we had 1 (14mm), 3 (12mm) and 3 (7mm). Looks like I'm definitely responding to the Follistim dosage increase - since I went from 28 to 156 in three days. The doctor's exact words were "you're just a late bloomer". LOL
7 follicles didn't sound like very many to me but he reminded me that I only have one I guess this number is normal.

I'm going to stay on the Follistim (450 units) as well as the Lupron (10 units) for two more days and then go in on Sunday for another U/S & Labs. We need these follies to keep growing so they will be ready to retrieve soon. :)

I feel SO MUCH BETTER after receiving the call that my E2 levels are up. Thanks for praying everyone!!

Oh, and can I just say that I have the best husband in the world...I'm so thankful that it's you by my side during all of this. I love you, sweetie.

Love you all,


Molly Telford said...

YYYYEEEESSSSSS! Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! So happy happy happy!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can say it! I think I will print this out so that next time I forget to take out the trash, I can get you to say it again. LOL There is nowhere else I'd rather be, than by your side.

I here for you, Buddy.

andrea_jennine said...

Bravo! I think 7 or 8 good follicles sounds great for one ovary. And you never know, others might catch up between now and your retrieval date.

Anonymous said...

you are blessed :) but so are all of your friends and family and the one's getting to go on this journey with you two. love you. this is exciting!!! ab

gracechild said...

Great progress report. I'm rooting for you that this will be a successful cycle

K said...

Seven is great... you might even get a couple more~! Good luck today with the u/s and b/w!!!!