Friday, May 2, 2008

Tag, your it!

I was tagged by andrea_jennine over at to list 3 random things about myself, so here goes!

#1: Alex and I married at 19 years of age. We were married for 9 years and then divorced for a matter of 9 months. During those 9 months God worked a miracle in both of our lives and brought us back together. We had our divorce annulled (as though it never happened) because we felt as though it was a beautiful picture of Christ's redeeming love for us. Being a PK (preacher's kid) my entire life, there was a lot of shame and embarrassment that went along with the fact that my marriage had failed but I know now that God had a plan the entire time. He has not only given me a marriage that honestly is better than I could have ever dreamed but has also opened doors that allow us to minister to couples going through the same marital struggles that we went through. That honestly makes it all worth it... I wouldn't change a thing. We now are about to celebrate our 12th year of marriage together! God is good.

#2: Alex and I (along side my brother and his wife) recently started a church in North Little Rock - Journey Church! ( This is the most exciting thing as of late that we have been allowed to be a part of!

#3: I wash my hands about 500 times a day and secretly wish everyone else did as well. It's really the only thing that I'm OCD about.

There's so much more that you don't know about me but I was asked to list just 3! :)

So I guess I should tag some of my other blog buddies that I'd like to get to know better! How about GraceChild over at and Ahuva at Tag, your it, girls!