Monday, September 29, 2008

A day with lil' J...

Alex and I feel blessed to have so many nephews & nieces. We have a total of 20! (that's counting the 2 on the way) Needless to say, our brothers & sisters have no IF problems. (LOL)

There have been times during our infertility where the arrival of a new baby brought tears to our eyes. It wasn't that we weren't happy to have an addition to our family, it just made our hearts ache even more for one of our own. We have been allowed to play a very active role in our nephews & nieces lives and honestly that has played a big part in our healing. Having children around brings us so much joy.

I kept Jackson today. My doc says I can't lift anything over 10 lbs (or something ridiculous like that) during my 2ww, so I had to get my J-time in before going on bedrest. He's lucky I let him down at all...I want to hold him the entire time but now that he's mobile, it's almost impossible. (LOL) I just had to post this pic from this afternoon...he already knows what we want him to do when we put the camera in his face. CHEESE!! I added a video for my Mom and Dad at the bottom of this post. They live a few hours away and don't get to see him as often as they would like, so we try to send pics & video several times a week.

His Daddy came by to see him this afternoon...he was happy about that! :)

We played so hard...he was worn out!

He's pulling up on everything but has learned to sit down carefully now
vs. falling on his head. LOL Smart kid.
Enjoy Granny & Papa! :)

Love to all,


Eric and Emily said...

Love the big cheesy smile in the first picture! How lucky to have so many kiddos in the family to spoil rotten, just think how they will have to return the favor someday for your kiddo. : )

Elizabeth said...

He's too cute! I love your blog, it's so bright and fun.

Rhonda Rae said...

He is getting huge I remember when Russ and I first started Jouney Church he was Davis' size well age maybe not size lol. He looks ready to start walkin. Oh and thanks 4 the recipe Russell and Robby ate it up. You need 2 share more lol.

PJ said...

That grin is to die for! Just SOOOO cute!

Wishing you the best of luck for your FET.

Thanks for all of your cheers this week. It's meant a lot.

Mary Kate said...

Jackson is precious!! I remember my heart aching so badly when I heard about someone's new pregnancy, or of someone's birth, or even the sight of a pregnant woman. And it's not the fact that you are't happy for that just desperately need, want, & would do anything for a child of your own! I remember having my nieces & nephew over just to have children around...they always seemed to bring joy to my heart! Keep using those nieces & nephews as baby therapy...but hopefully for not too much longer! praying that this cycle works for you two!!

The Patterson's said...

Wow! 20 nieces and nephews....I have 5! But, I've got lots of friends who have recently had babies and allow me to love on them just like you are talking about. I, too, believe this has actually helped me in our journey to have a baby of our own (of course after our own sadness like you mention).

andrea_jennine said...

My word, that's a lot of nieces and nephews! We have five, and we call them "the niblings." Sounds like you have a great attitude about them all and relationship with them.

The Pfennig's said...

He is so stinkin' cute!

BB and MTB said...

How precious is lil J's smile??? Loved that you got to spend some quality time with him!

When is transfer??

elainaann said...

I got the new background at They have lots of cute ones - found it from some new blog friends of mine.

Love my little baby J - I'm going to have to go get him one day when I'm out of school.

Okay definitely been praying for the big day tomorrow - but is there anything specific about this time around?

Love you sister!

Joannah said...

He's a cutie! You're a lucky auntie!!!

becca said...

Praying for you tonight!!
Tomorrow is the big day, right?
Cute little guy.