Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So thankful for you girls...

I'm still on vacation but wanted to check in on some of my peeps. :)

Ya know, I was thinking about this because I can't seem to go a day without thinking about and praying for the girls on my blogroll. There are several that I've come to know through blogging and I have no doubt that if we lived in the same city, we would be the best of girlfriends. :) They have struggled or are still struggling with IF and it's kind of like a club...once you meet someone who has been through it, you feel an immediate bond.

I have a little stationery store that I shop at frequently. The owner and I struck up a conversation the first time I went in and somehow we ended up sharing our IF story with one another. She too had struggled conceiving and was currently going through treatment. At the time, I was about to have surgery before starting my treatment. Now when I go into the store, we immediately update one another on how we're doing and what has happened over the past month or however long it has been. At first I thought to on earth did I end up sharing something so personal with a complete stranger? But in my heart I knew exactly how it happened. I believe God put her in my path and He knew exactly what direction our first conversation would take. He knew that we both needed someone to talk to, someone who had been through it, someone to encourage us and remind us that it WILL HAPPEN when God's timing is right. There are many places to buy stationery but He knew exactly where I needed to purchase mine. *smile*

When I started this blog it was to keep family and close friends updated on our IVF journey but over the course of many months it has become so much more for me. It's a place where I'm able to focus on others and what they are going through and be a prayer warrior on their behalf. I get so excited in sharing with Alex, each time one of you gets that positive pregnancy test and I cry each time I hear that this just wasn't the month for many of you. I just want to thank you for sharing your story, encouraging me each day and allowing me to be a part of such a personal part of your life.

I committed a few months back to pray for each of you at some point, every day. I praise God for the ones that I've been able to write ANSWERED PRAYER by as well as a due date. :) I can't wait for the day when my blogroll becomes nothing but a list of answered prayers!

On that note, I have a few girls that are heavy on my heart tonight for one reason or another and I would just like to ask you to say a prayer for them as well.

My friend Sara is at 27 weeks and back in the hospital. Please pray that the contractions stop and that little Spot stays put for several more weeks. :) Sara is one of the most amazing people I've met on here. She has been on bedrest her entire pregnancy and has such a wonderful attitude! Next time I'm on bedrest after transfer, I will be thinking of Sara and how she did it for much longer...I can surely handle 2- 3 days! I actually shared her story with someone today, just to encourage them and let them know it could be much worse.

My friend Amy just had her twins at 30 weeks. They are in the NICU but are doing well. I can only imagine how hard it is as new parents to leave their babies each day. Pray for Amy as she continues to heal from her c-section and that these precious baby girls are home with their parents very soon! :)

My friend Nikki needs our prayers. She has been through so much over the past month. So many of us have been there and understand how her heart aches. My prayer is that she will feel God's arms wrapped around her and that she will find that peace that surpasses all understanding because right now it's just hard to understand why.

My friend Leslie is about to start her first IVF cycle! IVF is one of those things that can be exciting and scary at the same time. Say a prayer for her as she starts down this new road of treatment!

My friend Joannah is having a very important surgery this Friday. Many of us have been through this surgery and remember how scary it can be. My prayer is that all goes smoothly and that Joannah is able to conceive naturally after healing from the surgery...which is not uncommon by the way! :)

In Search of Morning Sickness is almost 20 weeks preggers and her hubby has just been deployed to the Middle East. I can't imagine how hard this must be for them. Please pray for her and their baby girl, as well as her husband and his safety.

Hope2morrow is having her FET tomorrow!! I'm so excited for her! It's such an exciting but nerve wracking day and I just pray that she will have peace tomorrow and that this cycle ends with a healthy pregnancy! :)

My friend Emily is still in the testing stage of things which can be so frustrating. When you have been trying to conceive for two years, your patience can run thin. I know exactly how she feels as do many of you. Pray that her doctors will figure out what her next step should be in trying to conceive and that she and her husband would find peace as well as patience throughout this process.

My friend Wendy just received some hard news as well. She didn't respond to the meds as well as her docs would have liked, so her cycle was cancelled. This is so hard because you are excited to finally start treatment and have such high hopes and then because of reasons out of your control, you have to start over. I haven't linked her because she doesn't have a blog but I would ask you to pray for her. Her heart aches for a child and she is currently waiting to start another cycle. I'm praying she will respond well with new protocol and that God will bless her with a healthy pregnancy very soon!

Also, please pray for my sister-in-law...she is due in 6 weeks and has been put on bedrest. She is dilating and the baby has dropped so we're praying my little niece will hold off a little longer until the docs say it's okay for her to come. :)

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy! (Philippians 1:3-4)

Love to all!


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Elaine said...

I love, love, love your prayer list. I will be praying over all these folks (as well as those in the IF journey not mentioned) in the next days. I firmly believe that I was an answered prayer that people uplifted for me when I just couldn't pray for myself anymore. I believe that God is pleased with your selflessness in asking prayers for others when you heart too aches over the same circumstances. I am praying, praying, and praying for you and others, and I will already thank God for the answered prayers to come!

Eric and Emily said...

You are so awesome to be thinking and praying for others as you and your husband are dealing with your own IF. Thank you and I as well continue to pray for healthy babies for all! Thanks for reminding us all to keep praying, not only for ourselves, but for all!!!! God Bless everyone!!!!!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Jill -- what an awesome awesome reminder. Thank you for praying. Thank you for encouraging.

I am praying with you!!

Anonymous said...


My name is Karen Black . . . I live in NLR. Anyway, I met your cousin-in-law yesterday (April) and she said that it is scarey how much you and I have in common. Anyway, wanted to say hi and that I love your blog. Anytime you need to talk (about IF, or anything), please contact me. I can DEFINITELY relate. ( or 912-1914).

Take care - Karen

andrea_jennine said...

I love to pray for our IF blog friends, too! Thanks for such an uplifting post.

Faith said...

What a beautiful gift we've been given -- to lift others up to the Lord! Praying for YOU, chica. Thanks for being such an encouragement.

Leslie Laine said...

Jill - you're so sweet - thanks for mentioning me in your post. I feel soo fortunate to have you in my life as well as all our blogging friends. I don't know how I got through this before I started doing this - it has been such a God-send for me! Take care - I'm thinking of you!!


BB and MTB said...

You are always full of the sweetest thoughts for everyone else, and I admire you for that! I hope what goes around comes around soon!

Enjoy your vacation (still)!!!!!!

gracechild said...

God bless you Jill for being a lamp on a hill. A lot of the things you write about really inspire me. Enjoy your holiday now.

Mel said...

You are so thoughtful and caring and you are more appreciated and loved than you'll ever know. Thanks for being such a wonderful prayer pal for everyone here, the world needs more of you!!
Are you a stationary junkie, too? I am obsessed. I am literally embarassed if one person sees the same note card from me twice!
Have fun on vacation!

PJ said...

Giving you a huge hug!

I think about you, and hope that things are going well with you. Your supportive comments have always been so appreciated. And your sweet spirit shows through your writing.


amy <>< said...

Thank you, Jill for your prayers! Praying for you too. You are precious!

sara said...

Jill I don't think God could have made a much sweeter or more kind - hearted soul than you. I can't even tell you how much it means to me to know that you think of me and my little girl and include us in your prayers. I am blessed to have stumbled upon you and I'll keep you in my prayers as well. Lots of hugs...

Kristen said...

You are a precious friend. It is kind of like a club...everyone knows how each one of us feel. I have been there. I love your prayer list. I will be praying for those precious people and you too.
Please keep us updated on your stuff. :)

Nikki said...

Hey Jill,
Thanks for your prayers. I believe God IS giving me peace. I am finally back to a semblance of my old self. I haven't cried in a couple days. Sorry I have been kind of absent, but I just didn't have any words. Your support means more than you know. I feel your love and prayers and they mean more than you know.