Friday, October 17, 2008

Autumn Decor...

*Edited to add dining room pics...somehow they disappeared from my post*

I've been saying for WEEKS that I was going to post pics of my autumn decor and I'm finally getting around to it. Just a little tour of part of my of right now, I do not place fall items in our bedroom or my guest rooms (other than a fall candle) but one day I will get my act together and do that! :)

Front entry
Excuse the glare...I couldn't get rid of it.
My Mom gave me this cute screen...
I fill the buckets with items that best suit the season.

I came out to find this cute couple, standing in my flower bed one morning!
Thanks to the Sanders across the street...I love them! :)

Dining Room

Dining Room Table

The Mantel
This is the first time I have ever put a mirror over my mantel...
not exactly what I wanted but I couldn't find a piece of art that I really liked.

Glass pumpkins

I usually have these sitting alone wrapped in fall leaves...
but decided to stack them this year and make a wire pumpkin topiary.
I think it turned out cute!


Kitchen Table
Tabletop Candelabra holding one of my faves...candy corn!

The Kitchen
I didn't add much...just this sign and my pumpkin tureen

Guest bath
The color of my walls in this bath really work with this season.
I love color! :)

I always have a scented soap/lotion in the guest bath that goes w/the season.
Alex asked last night "if we could get rid of it and get a more manly smell."
I told him, no. :)
Well, that's the tour! Making our house feel like a home for Alex and myself and even more importantly, our guests, is really important to me. It's something that I truly enjoy. Thanks to all of you who posted pics of your fall decor as well. I always enjoy looking at the pictures and a lot of times, it gives me wonderful inspiration for my own home, so thank you!

Enjoy your weekend!

Love to all,


BB and MTB said...

Oh, I love your home, and I love that you actually decorate for the seasons. I feel lucky if I keep the house clean! Good for you!!!!

Jim and April said...

oh wow...i LOVE your fall decorations! Makes me want to go and get some more! Yours are amazing! beautiful!

Kim said...

Someone loves some Southern Living!! I think I have all the same pieces you have! haha!!

It looks great!!! I love the bathroom the best! What a great idea to have seasonal scented lotion and soap for the guest!

About that canvas {16x20}- I sell that size for $70.

Molly & John Telford said...

okay, so one day i hope that i can have it together enough to 1)decorate 2)have matching scents.....
as of today, i'm just doing good to get a shower and make sure that my baby doesn't smell like sour milk, the dogs have been outside at least once, and john gets a frozen pizza for dinner. so, from my view, you are doing awesome! keep up the good work!

PJ said...

Can I come over? Geeezzz!

I might actually decorate a tad this year, since we are having the inlaws for Turkey Day.

Maybe. :)

So how are you doing???

Cheryl said...

Your house is beautiful! Love the fall decor! Have a great weekend.

Joannah said...

Those are some of the best fall decorations I have seen in anyone's home! You've done a wonderful job!


Faith said...

LOVE the dining room tablescape! And, I really like the wire pumpkins too!

Alice said...

I was talking to Brian tonight about some of those houses you pass and think "that should be in one of those home magazines". (the way it is decorated)

Yours is one of those!!!! It felt so inviting!

Penelope said...

Your decor is fabulous! I still have to put out all my Halloween stuff…!

twondra said...

I love your home! It looks wonderful! Can you come over and decorate mine? :)

Shannon said...

Everything is so pretty!! I love all your decorations.

Baby Sara's Mom said...

hey there!! it was so good to hear from you tthrough my blog... I am so glad that now I have yours to keep in touch... I saw Joy today at the inviting company sale and told me that you had found my blog so here I had a chance to get online! I love all what you did in your for the fall... it's so cute and fall is just perfect so colorfull! well... we moved and we live in Bneton but not far from where we were so please get your mom and Joy to see whta would be a good time for you girls to come over and see our new home! let me know, Sara will love to see old friends again:)

andrea_jennine said...

So adorable! I especially like the pumpkin topiary. I don't have many seasonal decorations, but I do have a favorite autumnal tablecloth and a leaf-shaped bowl that someone gave me. And this year I got mums and a pumpkin for our front porch!

Kristen said...

So cute! I love the wreath on the mirror, that is my favorite. I might steal that idea. How did you get it hung up there?
LOVE your house. It is beautiful! :)
Thanks for the tour.

amy <>< said...

love your decor! fall is my absolute favorite! your pumpkin topiary is amazing- great idea!! thanks for sharing... you have great ideas.

Hope2morrow said...

Oh, wow! I love the decorations. Through the pictures, your house feels so warm and homey. Beautiful!

I love the wire pumpkin topiary, by the way.

Anonymous said...

I love your home as always, and the colors and your taste /decor style!!! You are talented no doubt! Looks wonderful. ab

I Believe in Miracles said...

I love your house deco. Wow!! That's awesome. And very cute. You two look like your on your first date at the other post. How adorable!! Like two people totally in love. I think it's fabulous. I hope you have a great time with your folks.

Kristine said...

Hi Jill,
Thank you for the encouraging words you left on my blog last week. I just had to say that I love all of your fall decor and I used to be a SLAH consultant and couldn't help but notice a lot of your decor incorporates SLAH pieces! (I noticed someone else picked up on this as well... :)
Have a great week!

becca said...

I'm catching up on blogs. I'm glad you like your little people. The boys were so cute on their mission to put them up :)

SAHW said...

Wow, what a gorgeous home! I love your decorations, everything is beautiful! Literally, everything is beautiful, but my fav is your dining table. :)

Allison said...

Love the fall decor- I can tell that you are a southern living at home junkie just like me :)

Polly Gamwich said...

Hey Jill,

I just hunted down this post of yours because I am decorating my home for the first time in a LONG time ... actually, I have never decorated for Fall/Thanksgiving, but really I LOVE the colors - it's my favorite time of year ... and I'm SO INCREDIBLY thankful this year that I want to spread the joy all around!

I'm headed down to Michael's now (Craft Store if you don't have them where you live) ... I already have a really nice wreath and some metalic pumpkins ... I'm really loving your glass pumpkins, wire frame pumpkins, and the bouquets you have pictured here at your front door!

You've inspired me and I can't wait!

Also ... thank you for the cute Thank you card ... I can't wait to see the embroidery work!

Much Love,