Saturday, November 15, 2008

8 Things...

I was tagged by Rathi….this was a fun one!

It's called 8 Things...

8 TV shows I love to watch:
1. Gilmore Girls (re-runs)…this is my absolute favorite TV show of all time!!
2. Jon & Kate + 8
3. Martha
4. Barefoot Contessa
5. Grey’s
6. Private Practice
7. Brothers & Sisters
8. How I Met Your Mother

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Delicious Temptations
2. Mimi’s
3. Kobe
4. DG Pies – best pizza!
5. Bonefish Grill
6. Olive Garden
7. Shorty Smalls
8. Cantina Laredo

8 Things that Happened Today:
1. Went to breakfast with my man
2. Went to the mall
3. Bought cd from door-to-door salesman
4. Laughed with my husband
5. Went to the grocery store
6. Made homemade hot chocolate
7. Went to my S-I-L’s book party
8. Came home to a surprise…my Christmas tree up & with lights!

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Church tomorrow...Alex is giving the message :)
2. Thanksgiving with our families
3. Journey Thanksgiving
4. Volunteering at Mission
5. Finishing my Christmas decorating
6. Building our gingerbread house
7. Holiday baking with my girlfriends
8. Christmas with our families

8 Things on my Wish List: (Okay, if we’re talking a true wish list, here goes!)
1. Single Serve Coffee Maker (that uses the little pods)
2. Colorful Scarf…I LOVE scarves! (a wide one that can be wrapped around my neck a thousand times!)
3. To-Go-Coffee-Cup…preferably something cute & girly of course. :)
4. B&W dvd of “The Shop Around The Corner” (it’s the original “You’ve Got Mail” but MUCH better…no offense Meg Ryan)
5. Some new ballet flats
6. New handbag
7. William Sonoma’s newest “Baking” cookbook & “Holidays” cookbook
8. Sound on my laptop...been w/out it for a while and it's driving me nuts

If you would like to do this one, consider yourself tagged! :)

Love to all,


Rathi said...

Love the list, we watch most of the same shows!! Glad the hubby put up the tree for you, I forced my hubby to do that the other day!! Have a great Sunday!

Rhonda Rae said...

Delicious Temptations is my Favorite Restaurant we should do lunch sometime I hardly ever get to go unless its with my MIL cuz Russ thinks its to gurly lol

courtney said...

Okay, not only do we have Gilmore Girls in common, but I love the movie 'The shop around the corner'. Jimmy Stewart is a doll and I agree, it's better than You've got Mail, though I like that movie too.
You mention Journey Thanksgiving. Does your Church do anything special for Thanksgiving?

Monte and Missy said...

I loved your lists - and this was so fun to do! Just learned from another comment that Jimmy Stewart is in "Shop Around the Corner." I'm adding that dvd to my running wish list right now - I just love him!
I know we're coming up for Weaver Thanksgiving and I know we'll come up some time around Christmas - but not sure when the Weaver get together is. What about y'all?

becca said...

I came here to say:
You will not believe this, but the book I got is the book I saw at Barnes and Noble and almost got! I totally forgot what I'd gotten. I'm happy though, I picked well.

Then I read your blog and have lots more to say :)
I got hooked on Gilmore Girls when the final season was running, but I've yet to see the final season b/c I only watched the reruns and didn't want to watch the new shows until I'd seen all the previous ones. Are they showing those anywhere yet??
And Grey's is my guilty pleasure. I still watch, though they have come REALLY close to losing me several times. Now that the lesbo thing is done though, I'm not as apt to run away. That one gave me the willies. bleh
I love Delicious Temptations too... used to be able to go with girlfriends during the week, but now my teaching schedule doesn't allow it :( boo Capers is my #1 though.
And of course I BOUGHT THAT DANG CD TOO and have to wonder if that is what caused you to laugh :) Cuz David sure was laughing at me when he came home and I told him I bought it.
Yey for your tree! I'm a 'day after thanksgiving girl.' It's going in the office this year.
I have a Senseo. you need to come test drive it. I love it. Christmas present from David a few years ago.

becca said...

ha, yeah I popped the CD in, but no, I could not listen to the whole thing.
I'll have to set the DVR to record Gilmore Girls again. I stopped when I realized they weren't showing the final season yet... they just went thru 6 and back to one. But I'm good for a Gilmore Girls marathon!

Faith said...

Great list! I love these fun! Hope your weekend was great!

NeNe said...

You watch "How I Met Your Mother"! I absolutely love this show and NO ONE I know watches it- so I never get to talk about it's awesomeness. So glad to know you love it too :)