Saturday, November 8, 2008

Holiday House 2008

Holiday House was this Thursday-Saturday. I always buy a 3-day pass and go at least two of the three days. It's just fun to be around all things Christmas! There have been so many Christmas Open Houses and still a few coming up over the next week...not sure how I'm going to hit them all but I'm certainly going to try. :)

The first day, it was me, my Mom, my Sister and my S-I-L (Sara), so that meant Jackson joined us. He did so well...I'd take him shopping any day! :) He just sat in his stroller, ate his crackers and flirted with all of the little girls rolling by in their strollers. As always, he was too cute and we all enjoyed loving on him for a few hours!

I just had to mention one of my favorite vendors that's always at Holiday House...Cherry Republic! Below are just a couple of their items that are SO YUMMY! After coming home with a few things, Alex went through the catalog and found the Chocolate Covered Cherry Turtles. I went back the next day and picked those up for him...oh my goodness, they are DE-LISH! I'll definitely be ordering more of their yummy items for the holidays!

Alex is going to start pulling the Christmas stuff out of the attic, this week. I want to have the house decorated on Thanksgiving, so I need to start sorting through things. I usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving but Alex has given in to my insanity and agreed to start a little earlier this year. (hehehe) Surely there are some folks out there that put their tree up on the day of Thanksgiving! When do you put your Christmas decor out? I found a fun quiz on Kim's blog. Go over and take it to find out what type of Christmas tree you are! :)

You Are a Bright Christmas Tree

"For you, the holidays are all about fun and seasonal favorites. You are into all things Christmas, even if they're a little tacky."

That descibes me pretty well! LOL

Love to all,



PJ said...

You are soooooo DOMESTIC! You're like, a domestic goddess!

I am really NOT. Sigh...

This is usually ok, but now my mother in law, sister in law, AND my mom and dad are coming to my little unfestive house for Thanksgiving.

Can you come over and decorate, and cook for me??? :)

Plus, I think I might be stimming that week. Cuzzzzzzzz... what girl wouldn't want a little FSH mixed in with her Turkey?

Jim and April said...

lol...i love how you wrote "alex has given in to my insanity" ... just today my husband told me I could decorate before thanksgiving but he wouldn't help me until the day after...i thought that was pretty funny! anyways...those holiday things you went to sound like so much fun...i have never heard of them...are they just around where you live or everywhere in the u.s?

BB and MTB said...

Okay, you just decorated for the fall and it's already time to decorate for the holidays? You are the Martha Stewart of LR, right? Can't wait to see the pictures.

Holiday House sounds like a ton of fun, and the goodies sound delish!

amy <>< said...

Fun! I'm actually going to a Holiday House tomorrow! And... I ALWAYS decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving Day- it's a family tradition!

becca said...

I was a minimal tree :) No surprise there. I don't like creating more work for me than I have to!
I like to put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. I like to still have fall stuff out for Thanksgiving... which isn't much for me. I have quite a bit of Christmas decorations, but rarely do they all get used.

Faith said...

I love that your husband is succumbing to the holiday madness! Ha! We're a day after Thanksgiving family, but that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about it already!

Faith said...

That sounds like fun! And, that Jackson is such a cutie!!

Kristen said...

So fun~ I went to a Christmas Open House on Saturday...SO FUN!
I decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend. I CANT wait!
I better order stocking holders for the babies soon~ :)

Shannon said...

I miss being able to go to the Holiday House...

I put out our Cmas decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving. SO it is always decorated for Thanksgiving. :)