Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve...

As I told you before, I have a lot of pics from the holiday, so I'm splitting them up into different posts and working my way up to Christmas Day. :)

On many a Christmas Eve, I take my nephews shopping. They work and save their money, so they can buy Christmas gifts for their Mom and Dad. When they were smaller, it was funny to see what they would pick out. Their parents racked up this year...starbucks gift cards, Ipod shuffles, some fancy flashlight that their Dad wanted...lots of good stuff! They even picked out items for their Mom's stocking, since she fills theirs and their Dad's. They were very thoughtful in their giving and it was a lot of fun to watch these three boys shop. I hope letting their Aunt Jill tag along is a tradition they will want to keep. I have a good chance, until they learn to drive themselves, anyway. :)

Journey had our Christmas Eve service that evening at 11:30pm. We started off the service with one of our favorites at Journey...Feliz Navidad (such a fun song to sing with a large group), sang many others and ended the song service with Silent Night. The message was wonderful and of course, the cookies and cider were a plus as well! Since the service was so late, many of the kids came in their pj's, which was quite adorable. I wish I had taken more pics but I was pretty busy that evening and wanted to visit with everyone, so these are the only ones that I took.

Alex and I have a blast, working along side these two. They are so freakin' talented! Doesn't hurt that he's my brother and she's my S-I-L either. :)

Jackson Luke, hammin' it up in his monkey pj's!

Kandace with Granny...she is the sweetest baby.

Those three nephews I was telling you about...Ty, Cody & Pryce. :)

Jackson and Pryce

Jackson & Aunt Joy

Love to all,


Faith said...

Love these pics too! The one of you, Alex, your brother and sister-in-law is so good! How sweet are your nephews shopping for their parents? I love it. And, that Jackson Luke is just too adorable for words!! Glad the Christmas Eve service went well. What a neat tradition you guys have started!

bb and mtb said...

I love the fact that the kiddos came dressed in their finest 'jamas. I wish I could do that.... so much more comfortable in my PJs always!