Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No more acupuncture...

I had another acupuncture appointment, yesterday. As much as I want this to work, I just can't do it. I am so tense, upon entering her office and I leave with a terrible headache. Yesterday, one of the needles in my left leg throbbed with pain the entire time. My left leg was still hurting, hours later. I prayed through my entire appointment, in efforts to receive some peace about being there. It never came. I actually cried after I left the office. I just don't want to keep going. I have no fear of needles, it's not about that. It's about feeling God's presence. I feel like I am fighting another presence, the entire time I'm there. Alex feels like it's doing me more harm than good. It's definitely not a stress reliever for me. I have a massage therapist that I have gone to for years. I have a call into her, to discuss getting massage therapy, every week. From what my doctor said, it's all about increasing blood flow. I know that massage increases circulation and whether it can help with my infertility...I have no idea. I do know that when God is ready to give me a baby, He can do it with or without acupuncture. I'm choosing without.

I did receive some exciting news, yesterday! My sister and I cater different events when we have the opportunity. We received an email about a February catering job and it could potentially lead to many more catering jobs, for this certain company. We're so excited! We love cooking and baking and we love working together. This provides the perfect opportunity for all three!

And to end this post, I have even more exciting news...we have a new nephew!! William Cole Averitt arrived yesterday! He weighed 7lbs - 12oz and is the cutest little thing. We went to the hospital to meet him, last night. Alex was asking me on the phone, 'how many nephews and nieces does that make for us?' To answer that question...Cole makes #20! Here are a few pics of the sweet baby boy.

-William Cole-

-Sean, Sarah, Anna & William Cole-

-William Cole with his Daddygrand & Nana-

-Aunt Jill with Cole-

-Cole with Dr. S (This is my OB/GYN, as well. He's a precious man of God. I pray that he's still delivering when I get pregnant!)-

Oh, how I can't wait to be holding a tiny baby and it be all mine. :)

Love to all,


Rhonda Rae said...

I need this docs number all I hear about him is gr8 things and I really need a new obgyn.

Cassandra said...

Congrats on your new nephew!

I think you may have gotten a dud acupuncturist, because neither headaches nor throbbing the whole time are supposed to happen. You're supposed to leave feeling better, not worse.

But if massage is more enjoyable for you, then go for it. You might ask your massage therapist if she knows any fertility massage techniques -- it's unusual to find someone who does, but my massage therapist (who specializes in fertility massage) uses 4 or 5 different massage techniques to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs.


amy said...

hang in there, sweet friend! I'm glad that you've stopped acupuncture if it's been more of a stress than help. Praying all the time for you and Alex- what AMAZING Godly parents you will be! OH MY- 20 nieces and nephews?! What a fun big family!!! Oh how I can't wait either- to see the post with YOU holding YOUR sweet baby on this blog one day!!!

Mel said...

I don't blame you and I've told you from personal experience that God's presence is key to making something work. I am glad you were able to make a decision and know that, for YOU, it is the right one. I continue to pray for God to lead you down the right path to baby. And, PS, I totally have massage envy! ;-)
Congratulations on the new nephew, he is beautiful. And the catering job! I hope that works out wonderfully.

sara said...

Ugh - blogger ate my comment! But what I was going to say is that congrats on the new addition to the family. He is gorgeous! I pray for the day you will hold your little one too. I can't think of a better mom than you...hugs

Faith said...

I cannot believe y'all have 20 nieces and!!! The newest addition is so cute.

I'm sorry about the acupuncture experience, but I'm glad you are not going where you don't have a peace. You are so right, God can do it with or without it and I am praying and believing He will!

I'm so excited about the possibility of more catering jobs in the future. How fun for y'all!

Heather said...

I say "good decision" on the acupuncture and I love what you said about God's power and ability. And you are so right!!! I am praying, praying, praying! Hope your head is better today....I have special sympathy for headaches!
20 nieces and nephews?!?!?!?! WHOA! I know you are going to be a wonderful mother and I am praying it is SOON!!!

Shannon said...

TWENTY neices and nephews?! Wow!! That is awesome.

I'm glad you have a peace about not doing the acupuncture anymore.

I recognized that Dr. S! :) I used to babysit for his daughter Calli and he delievered a lot of my cousins and best friend's babies. I bet he will still be delivering when it is your turn! :)

Joannah said...

I'm so sorry that you have been uncomfortable with acupuncture. You would have loved my first acupuncturist. He was a born-again Christian and a gentle soul. I wish you could find a practitioner like that!


PJ said...

It was definitely supposed to make you laugh!

Sorry for the foulness of it. :P

G & H said...

I am so sorry to h ear about your negative acupuncture expirience. Mine is so opposite but we all need to do what works best for us! Its so great to know that GOD is in charge! NO doctor, no needle pocker, no massage therapist, no one but HIM!

amy said...

If accupuncture isn't for you then it isn't for you! The Lord has a plan for you, girl! And that plan is going to come to be with or without needles. If it isn't helping you, don't do it!!!
Congrats on being an aunt again. 20 nieces and nephews?!?! Holy cow.
It'll be you and Alex someday. His timing and plan are perfect.

Jenna said...

That is one cute babe right there - congrats Aunt Jill!!

Praying for you, my friend!

becca said...

AH! Did I know you went to Cornerstone? I go there... and if Dr. Simmons ISN'T delivering (hasn't he retired and come out of it several times? lol) you gotta change to Brenamon... have you seen him? I LOVE him. He was so awesome with Elijah. I'm actually seeing him for my yearly on the 25th (only uh, 1.5 yrs late).
Dr. Brenamon let me have COFEE (decaf of course) and JUICE during delivery... many docs still stick to ice chips. Pushing out an 8 lb 6oz baby is no fun on 0 caloric intake! He also does perineal massage... so NO TEAR on big ol baby.
Anyway, I could go on an on about how great he was... and I know people go on and on about Dr. Simmons. He delivered half the people in my church, and some he delivered them AND their kids. lol

becca said...

oh and yeah...I'd be all about the massage instead of acupuncture... no doubt about it!

Karen said...


I had the exact same experience with acupuncture. B/c I didn't enjoy it, had no peace, AND it was super pricey and time consuming, I quit as well. Don't even think twice about it . . you are doing the right thing. If you enjoy massage, do that, BUT, no matter what . . God is in Control!

OK, 20 nieces and nephews is insane! I have 9 and thought that was a lot . .

Thinking of you,


Wishing 4 One said...

Congrats on your super cute nephew! I did acupuncture for awhile back in the States, it was good for me, it didn't help me conceive, but it made me relax (after the first few sessions... i am so scared of needles. Yes after all my ivf's and injections, until today i CANNOT watch one penetrate my skin, ever!). But it didnt hurt nor cause any headaches...I am thinking maybe something with your acupuncturist? Anyway, hope you're well and talk soon my friend. xoxoxoxo

Allison said...

Hey girl-

I did acupunctre with 2 of my 3 IVFs and it was so relaxing and never hurt and I am a HUGE needle weenie...maybe you'd have a different experience with another acupuncturist. Although, weekly massages do sound a little more appealing than being stuck with needles! And, would probably be cheaper. Good Luck! I'm praying for you.

Charnè said...

I tried accupuncture during my last ivf when ever going i felt so anxious and stressed and also felt like i should not be there so i also stopped going

I know we get desperate and will do anything to try fall pregnant but God can open wombs without us doing things that make us uneasy