Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day...

I just love Valentine's Day. It has been so sweet, the past couple of days, seeing men in every card aisle, carrying out flowers, candy, stuffed animals. It's a day to celebrate the ones you love and I hope you have someone in your life that you can celebrate this weekend! I have sprinkled a little red and pink, all throughout the house, for the month of February.

This was my ebay find that I was so excited about! I still need to find something to go under the cloche, but I just love the red goes with my kitchen perfectly!

I mailed all of my Valentine's a couple of days ago...yes, I still send valentines to my friends and family. When I worked outside of the home (which was the case, up until 2 years ago)...I always bought valentines and candy for all of my co-workers. I would sneak it in and put it on their desk or in their mailbox, the evening before. I think it's fun to still be able to go into the store and pick out a box of valentines, like I did when I was in 3rd grade. :)

I also got my PINK SWAP item mailed off, early this week. My partner should have received it by now, so I think it's safe to post a pic...hope you liked everything, Jennifer! :)

And guess what came in the mail on Wednesday...
that's right...the big box of drugs.

Incase you were wondering, this is what $3,217.89 worth of drugs looks like...and no, they didn't throw in the KitchenAid as a bonus.

I start lupron injections on Sunday...let the baby-making begin! :)

I have a HUGE praise. I went to my massage therapist, today. Just to talk about what I'm needing, over the next month. My therapist actually owns the massage clinic. She decided several months ago, due to health reasons, to stop working for a while and just let her staff take care of her clients. She is amazing and I know all of her clients were disappointed to hear this. She loves what she does and you can tell in every massage you receive from her. It's like she has 20 hands, instead of 2...seriously...she's amazing. Well, after our talk today, she said, "you know that I'm not currently working." and I said, "yes, which of your therapist do you want me to see?" She then said, "Actually, after talking to you...I want to do your massage sessions." I of course, started crying and then she started crying. (LOL) She is truly gifted in what she does and has a huge heart for all of her patients. She always prayed with me and over me, while in session. I feel so blessed that she is going to do this for me. I will be going twice a week and it will cost the same as one session of acupuncture. Is God good or what!? :)

My Mom and her friend, Kellie were here, last night. They sing with Master Singer's of Arkansas and they had a concert in Sherwood, last night. It was an awesome concert and I was so proud of my Mama!

She's the tall, pretty one! (back row-center) :)

Me, Mama & my brother, Chris...

We went to brunch before they had to leave, this morning...

Miss Kandace got all of the attention at brunch...she's such a doll. Love that baby!

Alex and I are staying HERE for Valentine's Day. We stayed here on our wedding night, 12 (almost 13) years ago. This will be our first time back, since that day. I'm so excited!

Well, I think this post has been long enough. :) I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day Weekend!!

Love to all,


Cheryl said...

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day! You are the sweetest girl and I am praying God will work a little miracle for you! What a blessing to have such a wonderful massage therapist! Have a great weekend!

The Patterson's said...

Wow...2 massages a week! That is SO awesome! I love them and can't wait to get my next one on Tuesday, but two a week is the best!

I know, isn't it amazing how much all these meds cost? I just can't even believe it, but it will all be worth it when we have that baby in our arms! :-)

Have a great Valentine's with your hubby!

Jim and April said...

i hope you have a wonderful valentines day with the hubby! I have TONS of meds too from my IVIG...that cracked me up when you wrote how the kitchen aide was not a bonus! :0) So...what was the pink thing? was it like a secret santa but for valentine's day? thats awesome...whoever you got will be super happy!

Cassandra said...

Happy V Day, and best of luck with IVF #2!

Joannah said...

Have a wonderful stay in that posh hotel. You guys deserve it!

I recognized that box immediately! :-)

Shannon said...

We stayed there on our wedding night too! We went back for our first anniversary. It was so nice!

I still send Valentines too. :)

I cannot believe all those drugs!! I'm still waiting to hear back from Sarah once she schedules a day to come up here.

Praise the Lord on your massages!! That is awesome!

Shannon said...

PS LOVE the cloche!! Great ebay find!

becca said...

well THAT made me cry! That's awesome.
And I'm hoping to do Master Singers someday. I get asked all the time but just can't make the comittment. One of these years...

Charnè said...

Happy valentines day to you to. You really have such love for your friends and family and it shines through in all your blog posts

Leslie Laine said...

Lots of good news, Jill! That's so special about your massage therapist - it's good to know that someone is that committed to her work, and that she'll be making accommodations for you - it probably makes you feel that much better about this cycle.

I personally love the Kitchenaid - isn't a shame that they don't throw in an extra bonus for the
3-4K they charge? It would make getting the box a little easier, wouldn't it? :)

Have a great V-day!

Suzanne said...

Hey Jill
I cried too about your massage therapist offering to help you! Just want you to know I'm praying for you and as I was reading your post, I got this wave of happiness for you come over me. Have fun this weekend in you honeymoon spot! ; )

amy said...

What a precious massage therapist- love how God works through every detail in our lives. Oh, how I REMEMBER "The Box" being delivered!! It was so overwhelming! BUT... hang in there. You are such an encouragement to so many people- the way your faith overflows in every aspect of your life/blog. Praying for you and Alex all the time.

Faith said...

So much to talk about!

-love your cloche! what a great find.
-you are just the SWEETEST thing sending out valentines. I was SO excited when I got mine in the mailbox today!!
-praying for the baby-making!!!
-Praising the Lord for your awesome massage therapist and the encouragement she is to you!
-hope y'all had a fabulous Valentines getaway together!!

Love you! Faith

Eric and Emily said...

Happy Valentines Day!

What a display of meds! I have a picture of my medicines laid out too...not quite like that spread you have there though! Well at least the process begins right? One step closer to meeting your baby!

Leah said...

I found your blog through a friends and I so have been there with all the meds. It is amazing how much it all cost! We are starting lupron on Tuesday for a frozen embryo transfer. You and your husband are in my prayers. I know all to well how hard all the fertility stuff is. God is amazing and he knows just the right time. Looking back I couldn't imagine a better time for us to be blessed with the twins. BUT, it was SO hard to wait on God's time. Good luck with everything!

PJ said...

Yay! She got her box-o-meds! I'm cheering for ya!!!!

Happy belated Valentine's Day!

MiMi said...

How exciting to see that box of meds arrive! I will be praying for you through this process.

I am so thankful that your massage therapist has agreed to continue giving you your massages. Sounds like she is awesome!

And that hotel where you were going to spend Valentine's Day looks amazing! I hope you had a wonderful time!

Have a blessed week!

andrea_jennine said...

Man, I wish the big box of meds came with a stand mixer; I could use one of those!

I think your cloche needs a cupcake.

Hillcrest Acres said...

I found you blog through Monogrmas and Manicures. Your Pink Swap package is the cutest. I love everything you included in it.