Friday, May 8, 2009


Alex and I have always had a heart for adoption. God hasn't brought us to the place of beginning that process yet, but I have no doubt that someday, He will.

I recently became aware of an urgent need at America World's transition home in Ethiopia. This home is for children awaiting adoption. MANY of these children are severely malnourished. They need a specific formula. Many of the America World families that have been traveling to Ethiopia have begun packing extra luggage just for this formula - to deliver to the children that will still be waiting for their families. I'm sure many of you have heard of Billy & Cindy Foote. They have an awesome music ministry and like many couples, are currently waiting to travel to Ethiopia to adopt their baby girl. Children's Hope Chest is working to provide America World with this much needed formula. Would YOU join me in giving for this formula so that one more child might live and grow as they wait for their family?

James 1:27 states, "Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you." We have been instructed by God to care for these children. I know how easy it is to just ignore the pictures and think that someone else will give, but as believers, we've all been instructed to give. Only $30 will buy and ship one can of formula to a needy child. Think about what you last spent $30 on. I spent that on dinner last night. Please join me in giving donations to these children in need.


Love you guys,


Michele said...

This is exactly why we give to Food For the Poor. When the priest came and gave a talk about what children were going through, he asked us to take what we spent on dinner the night before and give that. We'd spent $170 on a nice restaraunt on a special night. We decided, as hard as it would be since we'd already spent our monthly "fun money", we'd make the sacrifice and write the check. Best thing we ever did.

Emily said...

Billy and Cindy are sweet friends of ours and we are praying that they can get their sweet lulu home SOON!!! Thanks for the plug on their daughters, and so many other's need for this formula that is saving these babies from malnutrition!!

Monte and Missy said...

Thanks so much for reading and sharing! There is no reason these babies should be without what they need...and what a blessing it is to give. We just found info for giving if you don't have or don't want to use a credit card and posted it as well. We love you guys and are praying for that little one He's giving you!

Kristina said...

Thanks for giving us info and places to give! Ben and I have also always had a heart for adoption and want to adopt in the future. We just always said "after we have kids of our own." That is still what we are praying for, though. But, I now work at an agancy that does domestic adoptions and I am loving that they are branching into international adoptions, as well! It's exciting to be a part of.

I hope that you have been feeling better!!! I know that it's miserably...but also the best misery of your life! We're praying for you guys!!

Chic Runner said...

Hi, sorry I don't even know how I found your blog, I was just perusing online for a while... but I wanted to say thanks for posting this! It is a great cause and there is no reason that they should be without what the need.

Also on a unrelated note, I am actually adopted and just did a series on my adoption on my blog, I called it adoption April and it's on the side of my blog under the April month. I thought you might find it interesting if you wanted. :)

thanks for having a heart for God and being willing to share it with others. :)

nirwin said...

My name is Nicole Irwin, I work for Children's HopeCest. I want to thank you for helping raise awareness for the need of baby formula in Ethiopia. We reached our goal, thanks to people like you! Congratulations on your new blessing. When are you due? In Christ,