Monday, June 1, 2009

Fresh Flowers...

Today I blog about something that I love. FLOWERS!

Alex was always very thoughtful about sending flowers to my work. He would do it just to surprise me. It was usually for no reason at all that I would receive them and it always made my day! :) Now that I don't work outside of the home, I try and keep them around the house. Especially this time of year. They don't have to be expensive. I actually buy mine at Sam's. My sister finds the prettiest daisies at her Walmart and for practically nothing! Here are a few tips at helping your flowers last longer.

1. Check your water level/Change out the water on a regular basis.

2. Remove all leaves from the part of the stem that is submerged under water.

3. You can clean the stems by lightly brushing them with a vegetable brush. This not only helps the flowers, but it will keep the water cleaner.

4. Cut flowers will last longer if the stems are prepared correctly. Preparing the stems helps them take up water quickly. To prepare stems:
• Cut about one-half inch off the end of the stem at about a forty-five degree angle. Don't use dull scissors to cut the stems because they can crush the stem.
• For best results, cut the stems underwater. Cutting them under water prevents air from getting into the veins in the stem of your flower.
• Split all stems about one-half inch from the bottom with a knife or crush the bottom of the stem with a mallet (if the stems are woody).
• Place the stems in deep water and leave them there for a few hours before moving them into shallower water.

5. Use water that is a mixture one tablespoon of bleach per quart of water. The bleach will keep the water cleaner and kill any stench from the water.

6. A teaspoon of sugar added to the water will help renew flowers.

7. Keep the flowers out of direct sun and away from heat and drafts. Even a fan can cause flowers to wilt quicker.

8. Use a straw to fix or stabilize any broken or drooping stems.

9. To prevent tulips from flopping over, wrap them tightly in wet newspaper and then place them in about two to three inches of water. Leave them there for about two hours. Push small pins through the stems just below the flower heads and they will stay soldier straight.

10. Remove any dying flowers immediately. Dying flowers emit ethylene gas that will cause the other, healthy flowers to wilt.

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Here are some pics of where I have fresh flowers, at the moment.

Gerberas...these come in the prettiest colors. This was the only pkg they had left on the day that I went, but they go with my table perfectly! 10 stems for $7.12 at Sam's.

Next is one of my faves...Sunflowers! They always make a room more cheerful! You really don't need many stems to make an arrangement because they're so large. 5 stems for $5.88 at Sam's.

Blue Iris...Mom, I thought of you when I bought these. :) They started blooming today. You can get 10 stems for only $4.88 at Sam's.

So go out and by youself some flowers...I promise that it will make for a happier day. :)

Love you guys,


Glitter and Bliss said...

Love that idea!!! I have several things to plant in porch window box, but flowers brought inside sounds wonderful. Sam's does have a great selection. Have a wonderful day my sweet friend.

Wishing 4 One said...

Oh, how I miss Sam's Club! Your flowers are gorgeous, I just love flowers too! I just planted some Ginat Russian Sunflowers in our garden yesyerday, I bought the seeds while back home last month, lets see if they take.

Joannah said...

I love cut flowers, too. They make a room so cheerful. My mom brought me a lovely bunch over the weekend.

Kristina said...

You are just FULL of information!! I knew some of that, but not all of it. Goodness! I have 2 vases at home from my surgery and my Birthday. I'm going to go add bleach and a few other things to make them last longer!! Thanks!! Especially the tulips. They are my faves!

Glad you are feeling better these days!!!! That belly is a blessing! One friend of mine is pregnant after her 3rd IVF...she's trying to be remember that it's a blessing while she is throwing up all day. It's not fun, and you can feel crappy about it...but it's a blessing none the less!! (and it's OK to complain about it every once in a while!!!!!)

mak'n Changes said...

omg! I love flowers! I love it when my house is freshly clean and I have a bundle of Oriental Lillys making the room look and smell beautiful! Thanks for all the helpful hints you gave.


becca said...

I always buy flowers when I'm having something at my house... other than that, it is rare. And I'm a crazy gal who doesn't even like David to buy them for me. I don't like to spend the money! But, cut and bring some in that I grew... you betcha! I do love flowers and I used to do a better job of growing them. They didn't always look so pretty outside (like the massive long stemmed zinnias I used to grow) but I LOVED cutting them and arranging them for the inside.

Monte and Missy said...

I love flowers too! Sam's and Costco always have such great selections - I often miss being 15 minutes or less from one of these great stores! I'll have to return to this post the next time I splurge on a lovely bunch of flowers to review the great tips you shared.

Gretchen said...

I love fresh flowers too! You are so right they do really brighten up a room. I love the sunflowers - so bright and dramatic!

Gloriana said...

Thanks for the tips!! I like the flowers decoration... I will try this!!